stretch marks removal tips

Are you fed up with ugly lines and stretch marks showing on your skin? Then you must know such home remedies as well as some scientific treatments to cope with these skin problems. But to choose the best stretch marks removal technique. You should be well- versed about– what are stretch marks? And how far it can risk damage to your skin?

What are stretch marks?

Scientifically saying, stretch marks are the result of the splitting of collagen fibre that is stored in the middle layer of skin. And, that’s why the primary blood vessels start showing out on the outer layer leaving behind the red or purple marks. 

stretch marks removal tips

Later, they fade off with the growing age and start looking white and or silvery colour because the blood vessel heals lately. Once, they appeared, it leaves for life. But, it can be healed and you can make it lighter with some treatments and home remedies. Although they do not cause any harm or pain to the body, they do injure the self-confidence of a person. 

Treatments for stretch marks removal

stretch marks removal tips

As said by the British Journal of general practice, there are more than 50% cases where women develop stretch marks after the pregnancy. This is because of sudden and quick weight gain that happens during this time. 
But there are varieties of ways to remove stretch marks with help of scientific treatments. Some of the most commonly suggested ones are mentioned below:

⦁ Creams

stretch marks removal tips

Recently, there are no creams that can heal stretch marks. But, rather you can find some creams for making its appearance a little undetectable. The cause of this is that these creams can only be applied to the outer layer of the skin (which is called epidermis in science). And they cannot go further in the deep skin and hence they are unable to treat the stretch marks fully. In general, you can easily find the stretch marks removal creams in the market in the price ranging from 30 to 200 US dollars. Creams are cost-friendly but could take a long time to show some effects.

⦁ Lasers

stretch marks removal laser

Another effective treatment is lasers. They are pretty expensive than the creams but are way more effective than them. Also, they work quickly and give noticeable results. No wonder, they are one of the most cost and time-effective way to help fade the appearance of stretch marks. Not only this, but they also help clear any uneven skin texture in the process. However, you can expect some common redness, irritation, itching, and tenderness for at least 10 days post-treatment.

⦁ Platelet-rich plasma 

stretch marks removal prp

This one is another alternative treatment with excellent results. As mentioned earlier, stretch marks are caused due to loss of collagen fibres in the middle layer of the skin. So this stretch marks removal method works by reviving deeper layers of the skin to help in the production of new collagen fibres. It involves taking out the plasma with rich platelets from the person’s own blood and later injecting in affected skin areas to stimulate collagen and help skin heal from within.
This way it is considered as the most effective way of removing the stretch marks. There are more than 70% of people who have tried this method and said it is good and result oriented. It is always best to consult your skin care specialist to find out what procedure is right for you to eliminate your stretch marks before making any decisions.

⦁ Surgery

For instant and permanent results, you can opt for surgery if you like. Although the cost and down-time could be a matter of concern here, the results are awesome. It is made possible by scientific procedures like a tummy tuck, thigh-lift, etc. These procedures work by removing the extra layer of skin and thereby tightening leftover skin and its tissues.

stretch marks removal surgery

However, doctors suggest surgery only in cases with lots of excess skin caused due to sudden weight loss or pregnancy. The American Society of plastic surgeons specifies the conditions of a person who can opt for this treatment, it says:
⦁ He/she should have a stable weight
⦁ He/she should not smoke
⦁ He/she is well aware of the consequences of this surgery
You should know that this surgery is not for erasing the marks but getting out the extra skin from the body and marks are coming out with them. So if you do not have loose skin then this might not be the option for you. Also, we advise you to sit and discuss in detail about every possibility and risks involved in the surgery with your skincare specialist/doctor.

Home Remedies or at-home skin-care routine for stretch marks

The creams oils or anything that you apply on the skin does not have much effect in stretch marks removal. But still, they can help in maintaining the polish, softness, and health of the skin. Hence, just the treatment is not enough, you should try some home-based options along with them for better results. You can use these remedies or routine with any treatment method for the speedy and successful fading of scars.

stretch marks removal tips

⦁ Sun protection-

There is no SPF that can erase or fade the appearance of the stretch marks but using sunscreen can indeed help in keeping the skin healthy. Suntan and UV exposure tend to turn the scars darker. Hence, as precautions are better than cure, you should protect the scars from the sunlight effects.

⦁ Skin hydration is the key –

Moisturize your skin just after bath and repeat it two times at least. It not only helps in preventing stretch marks in the first place but also helps in aiding any treatment you are using for stretch marks removal.

stretch marks removal tips

These are some of the suggestions given by the American Academy of Dermatology. Besides this, they also advise maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent the appearance of stretch marks by avoiding sudden weight loss and gain and by keeping your well-moisturized and protected from UV exposure.

Anyway, you can use some tricks to hide the stretch marks for a temporary basis like bronze body glow oils. These can hide the marks and give great shine and polished skin effect. But for permanent stretch marks removal, you have to get some treatment done. So, consult your skin health care specialists and select the best suitable treatment option for you.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Khushboo at Reply

    Hi Anshulika,
    I am newbie here
    I am so confused from where start
    Literally so informative blog this is
    I hope you can guide me as I came searching for good products and do’s and don’t of ingridents to look forward while purchasing a product and that is where I landed to your blog
    Excited to see things in your blog but I am so confused here …. Initially I want to look on skin care products and ingridents but looking at your blog I feel no I want to see other topics
    So I want to start with first with skincare … Please guide me
    I am 22yrs … Just got into mindset into taking care of my skin … I have dark circles and lines under eye growing as well I want to look forward to good skin care routine with products too
    Awaiting for your reply
    Oh yeah … I am using pure organic coconut oil carrying essential oil … Iz it okay to carry on or should I switch ?

  2. Khushboo at Reply

    Oh my god … You have made me surprised with your brief comment … I would like to know more …!!
    Regarding skin … I have normal to dry …sometimes my skin gets dry
    Can you help me out on choosing right ingrident for facewash in any product .
    And can you please suggest me some good products for cleanser , serum and moisture
    Thank you 😊

    • Try this regime and let me know :
      Cleanser: AHA glow (you’ll get this from a pharmacy/medical shop) PM, The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser AM
      Toner: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence
      Serum: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule In Serum
      Moisturizer: Any good sunscreen for daytime, Kaya Brightening Night Cream PM

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