Four years of beauty blogging and stalking fashion editors, I’ve come to the conclusion that “a trendy pair of sunglasses can totally transform your everyday look, moving it from dull to chic!” Putting the idea to test, it was indeed exciting to see my rather mundane pair of jeans and simple t-shirt suddenly morph into something stylish and hot, the moment I put on my favorite pair of cat eye sunglasses.

No wonder, the famous fashionistas and celebrities around the world are often spotted wearing vivid, exciting, and festooned sunglasses where ever they go. While, these trailblazers in fashion can rock any trend in style, for most of us finding that perfect pair of sunglasses to look chic can be quite daunting.

So if you’re unsure of which summer shades style to go for in order to make a statement, here are some top tips for finding perfect sunglasses for every face and personality:

  1. Glitzy Cat Eye Sunglasses for Square Face Shape:

cat eye sunglasses to look chicIf you have a square face, look for oval or rectangular frame with rounded edges to soften up your features. Modern cat eye sunglasses can also set you apart with its curvy frame. And if you happen to love all stylish and trendy stuff, cat eye sunglasses are the perfect pick to add pizzas to your diva vibes.

  1. Classic Wayfarers for Round Face Shape:

classic wayfarer sunglasses to look chicThe angular lines of a square frame would perfectly balance a round face. So if you have a round face, classic wayfarers is the best pick for you to add some definition. Pick one from Rayban or Fastrack. A strategically worn wayfarer can give countered makeup a miss with its seamless semblance to faux cheekbones!

And if makeup means rocket-science to you, you must have found your world in books and technology. And for you my dear, sharp rectangular full rim sunglasses is the best way to gain that super smart chic-geek look.

  1. Stylish Aviators for Heart Shape Face:

Aviator Sunglasses to Look ChicStylish aviators are for you if you are the adventurous kind, who loves to travel and has a heart-shaped face like Scarlett Johansson. Wide at the top and tapered at the bottom, aviators perfectly outline a heart-shaped face. Pair them up with simple jeans, graphic tee and you’re all set to add swag to all you holiday photos.

  1. Chic Wayfarer or Trendy Cat Eye for Oval Face

trendy cat eye sunglasses to look chicMost styles go with an oval face shape. Whether, you want to stick to classic wayfarers or do the trendy cat eye, both styles would look good and you can easily mix up between the two, as and when you want. However, the only thing that you should be concerned of is the size and proportion of your features.

Don’t go for larger frames, if you have small features, as a large frame can overwhelm your face. Also, try to avoid small round frames, as they can make your face look too elongate.

  1. Over-sized Retro Sunglasses for Diamond Face Shape:

Where and How to Find Perfect Sunglasses to Look ChicIf you have diamond face shape, consider yourself lucky as all styles of sunglasses look chic on diamond face shape. You can easily carry both, the tiny round frame and the over-sized opulence of retro sunglasses with equal grace. Where cat eye can look glamorous on you, the timeless appeal of traditional wayfarers would look hip on you.

And if you happen to be a social-butterfly with flamboyant style sensibility, the retro style oversized sunglasses can add perfect appeal to your glamour and charisma.

If you’re still confused about which sunglasses to pick, here’s a pro tip: black wayfarer with a scarlet lip always take a great pic and a pro store: Titan Eyeplus that has answers to all your style and optical concerns. Here you can buy all kinds of high quality stylish sunglasses  from designer brands including Rayban sunglasses at discounted prices along with chic eyewear and contact lenses.

Where and How to Find Perfect Sunglasses to Look ChicBesides finding fabulous sunglasses, if there’s such a thing as sexy pair of reading glasses, they are also to be found here at Titan Eyeplus. I opted for a classic pair of brown wayfarers from Rayban. As per me, wayfarers are the perfect blend of ageless and swanky. And above all, with well into the middle of summer months, the best investment you can make is buying a pair of flattering sunglasses that can breathe new life into your daily humdrum look.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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