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I always thought myself to be a generous soul – kind enough to lend you a tenner, buy you some chocolates, let you have all my ice-cream, and even give you my best dating dress! But fast forward, a few years into beauty blogging and I’ve turned into a possessive she-wolf!

No, no, don’t get me wrong – you can still borrow my books, wear all my party dresses, gulp down my last drink or take away stuff from my kitchen but don’t you ever, ever come between me and my treasured beauty products! Seriously, nothing annoys me more than someone digging their dirty fingers into my precious creams.

angry wifeThey are mine – all mine – and you better keep your claws and paws off my beauty potions! While, my friends and family have swayed and endeavored to lift an item or two but they could never get away with much more than a lip-gloss or a liner. The worst, however is my husband – a pertinent skincare thief!

He’s someone, who would never buy his own cleansers and creams. Why should he – he’s a man and skincare isn’t a men’s thing. But stealing is! And there’s actually a term for it – it’s called a man’s theft!’ So his man’s theft was really getting out of control until about last month, when he finally received his first men’s face kit from Mavericks!

Now how this Mavericks face kit helped me safeguard my expensive potions, read full post to discover.

Describe the brand in three words?

Affordable. American. Masculine.

What it is?

mavericks face kit Mavericks face kit is a skincare regimen comprising of three basic skincare products designed especially for men. The kit consists of a cleanser, moisturizer with SPF and a night cream.

Who is it for?

Men in their late 20s, 30s, 40s and onwards.

What it claims to do?

Mavericks face kit claims to moisturize, cleanse, protect, and rebuild the skin.

From the brand’s website: “Just 1 minute a day is all you need to look better with this breathtakingly simple regimen.  You’ll feel the difference within a month of use – guaranteed.”

How does it works?

The kit uses a three tier skincare regimen to exfoliate, moisturize, protect and repair skin. Each part of the product line works both individually and synergistically with other parts to form a skincare system that benefits in all ways. The three components of Mavericks skincare system are:

mavericks face kitWash: This part of the kit contains a natural acid blend including spearmint and peppermint to cleanse and exfoliate skin.

Protect: It’s basically a moisturizer with SPF 30 to protect and hydrate the skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and squalene for nourishment and antiaging benefits.

Rebuild: The last part of the system contains Vitamin A, retinol, and ginseng – all proven antioxidants for skin repair and rejuvenation.

What about the price and availability?

Mavericks face kit containing all three products costs $89 and is available on the Mavericks website. The good part of purchasing Mavericks face kit from their website is that they are also offering a shaving cream on their site, which is not a part of this kit – so you get a bonus!

Hubby’s experience and feedback on Mavericks Face Kit for men

Mavericks Shave Product ($14.5):

mavericks face kit shaveBrand claims: Turbo-charge your shaving regimen and say goodbye to razor burn forever.

Hubby’s verdict: This smells good and is nice on skin – my skin looks supple and smooth but I miss my foaming bloke stuff”.

Mavericks Optimized Face Cleanser or the Wash ($17.95):

mavericks face kit washBrand claims: De-greases and refreshes your face without the dryness

Hubby’s verdict: Great – like a sea of freshness in a tube! A total love”

Mavericks Protect ($19.95):

mavericks face kit protectBrand claims: Preserve your handsome with SPF 30 + Antioxidants + Moisturizer

Hubby’s verdict: “This is fantastic – one of the best stuff I have put on my face so far.

Mavericks Rebuild ($27.95):

mavericks face kit washBrand claims: Fixes your face while you sleep. Wake up looking better and feeling great.

Hubby’s verdict: It’s a bit of a commitment and life is too short for Rebuild & Repair!”

R2B Rating: 4.5/5

My final verdict on Mavericks Face Kit for men:

So girls, if you love your man, or better put, if you love your expensive potions, get Mavericks face kit for your man and live happily together after! I highly recommend this to all skincare bitches madly in love with their product stealing husbands.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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