As soon as I discovered that I am going to be a mommy, almost every decision I took, acquired an all-together new meaning. Should I have my morning cup of coffee? Is it okay to still use my AHA based cleanser? What about wearing high heels?

Just like you need to change your diet and other lifestyle habits both for yourself and for the little one inside, you also need to change your beauty routine to make it safe for your baby – and to help you look and feel your best.

So if you’re pregnant and losing sleep over which products to use or not to use during your pregnancy, here are 10 best beauty products that will not only support your pregnancy concerns like skin stretching, pigmentation, acne, itchy and dry skin but are also safe for your baby.

  1. BioBloom Natural Face Wash – Green Tea for Normal to Dry Skin


Free from sulphates, parabens and all other harmful chemicals, this natural cleanser from BioBloom is enriched with extracts of green tea, aloe vera, and lavender flower. As this hydrating face wash also promotes cell renewal with its natural antioxidants, it is perfect for pregnant women and beauties with dry to sensitive skin.

  1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser for Oily to Acne Prone Skin


Acne during pregnancy is hormonal, which is good news, because once the hormones are regulated, the skin will normalize. So whatever you do, do not try to use acne products containing chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid etc.

To deal with pregnancy acne, it is best to use herbal or natural acne fighting ingredients like neem, tea tree oil, basil, cucumber etc.

The Body Shop has a slew of products all containing the potent Tea Tree Oil to reduce and fight off blemishes. This foaming cleanser is great to deep clean the skin, remove make-up, purify pores, and reduce sebum production.

  1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion


When it comes to soothing dry itchy skin this cocoa butter based body lotion from Palmer’s is truly a miracle. It is safe, natural, and soaks into the skin like a dream making your skin soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom.

Also using cocoa butter to moisturize the skin will make it more supple and less likely to get stretch marks as the skin stretches over your expanding belly during those nine months.

  1. Bio Oil


If you are looking for one product that works really well for stretch marks, it is Bio Oil. Formulated with all-natural ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil and Chamomile Oil, bio oil is perfect for pregnant women and individuals with sensitive skin.

Apply generously after shower over areas where you’re likely to expand and banish any kind of skin stretching or blemishes during those nine months.

  1. Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Functional Sun Block SPF 70


Whether, you had been diligent about sun protection before pregnancy or not but once you are expecting, sun protection becomes a must.

During pregnancy, skin becomes extra sensitive to the sun rays making you vulnerable to problems such as burns, pigmentation, and melasma.

Hence, this herbal and potent sunscreen with antioxidants offers perfect protection and solution to your tanning and ageing related pregnancy skin woes. Since, it is a tinted product it offers good coverage as well along with sun protection, nourishment, and hydration.

  1. Kama Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream



Pregnancy hormones can cause dull, blotchy, pigmented complexion. But trust me, the established skin lighteners and anti-blemish ingredients such as azaelaic acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid, retinoids, salicylic acid etc. are not the best answer.

Not only they can be harmful to your unborn child but they can also irritate your sensitive pregnant skin. Try natural and organic based products instead.

Formulated with finest of saffron, Indian madder, aloe vera, vetiver and lotus cool, this rejuvenating and brightening night cream from Kama Ayurveda is a perfect night treatment to get rid of the tan, blemishes, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

  1. Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash


The importance of exfoliating skin can never be over stressed. And during pregnancy the need for regular skin exfoliation becomes all the more essential to avoid problems like stretch marks, cellulite, blotchy skin and blemishes.

The best way to ensure regular exfoliation of the upper layer of your skin is by using a daily exfoliating body wash in shower.

With gentle micro beads and nutrium moisture this daily body wash is perfect for expecting moms.

  1. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Micro Vibration Eye Brightener

L’Oreal White Perfect Micro Vibration Eye Brightening Cream Review

Whether, you’re losing sleep because you have been waking up to pee every few hour or just generally puffy from all those pregnancy hormones and exhaustion, give your eyes that much needed relaxing and brightening treatment with this micro vibration eye brightener from L’Oreal.

And even if your under eye area looks perfect from that ‘’pregnancy glow’’, you are bound to get those dark circles and baggy eyes once your bundle of joy arrives. So it’s never too early to get a jump on your under eye area with this pampering treatment.

  1. VLCC Ayurvedic Henna Natural Hair Color


If you are into hair dyes or hair colors, now is the time to take a break. But this doesn’t mean that you will have to show your grays or compromise on your glamor, when pregnant.

Herbal hennas and natural hair colors not only provide natural looking color but are also safe for your baby. Brought to you by VLCC, this natural hair color is enriched with natural proteins and Vitamins that do not strip the hair and also nourish the roots.

  1. Auriga’s Flavo-C Serum



Whatever skin concern you may have, oily skin, ageing skin, dull skin or pigmentation, you are definitely going to gain from the regular application of this miracle serum.

Since, pregnancy hormones not only play havoc with melanin and sebum production and can also cause skin to lose elasticity, this potent Vitamin C serum is a must for all pregnant women.

The L-ascorbic acid contained in Flavo-C serum is the only form of vitamin C capable of deeply penetrating the skin and maintaining its activity for 10 hours.

Furthermore, Flavo-C serum contains 30% ginkgo biloba, a powerful antioxidant to slow down skin ageing.

So moms, what are you waiting for? It is high time to stop looking for the fairy Godmother to cast a transformative spell on your pregnancy related beauty woes. Use these above mentioned 10 best beauty products for pregnant women to rival any magic wand and get back your ‘’pregnancy glow’’.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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