SKP_THS_BC_RepairRescue_940x480_USHello Lovelies!

Hope you are doing good and enjoying your time.

Good news comes your way this summer. We come back to you with our “Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Shampoo Giveaway” which was postponed last time due to technical problem on our website.

Yes Girls! we are back with this exciting opportunity – your chance to win Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo – the best in the market for Dry, Damaged, and Chemically Treated Hair.


For entering, all you need to do is answer the question – which is your best tried and tested remedy to beat dry, dull hair by commenting on this post below.

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  4. One lucky winner will be chosen on the basis of best answer and following all rules. (All those participants who have entered this contest last time shall also be considered for final results).

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So go girls, think of your most creative dry hair remedy and comment to win the best damaged hair fix only at

Contest ends on Sunday, June 14, 2015. So hurry, get your creative ideas rolling and have fun!


Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Archana at Reply

    My favorite home remedy that I use regularly to treat dry and dull hair is:
    1. First I heat up some coconut oil and massage on my scalp and hair.
    2. Then, I apply a hair pack of curd mixed with amla powder, methi powder and curry leaves and leave it for an hour.
    3. I take a towel dipped in hot water and wrap around my head for a steaming effect.
    4. Then, I use a mild shampoo to wash my hair and follow up with a conditioner.
    5. Finally, I rinse my hair with hibiscus water (water boiled with hibiscus flowers/leaves and cooled).

  2. I already have a ton of shampoos in stock, but I wish everyone who’s entering good luck!

  3. Mix olive oil + cator oil + almond oil in the ratio 2:1:2 and apply it twice a week.. This works best for dry damaged hair 🙂

  4. i use mix of 4 oils Coconut:Olive:Castor:Almond in 2:2:1:1 and massage the mixture lukewarm on scalp as well as hair shaft once or twice a week and leave it overnight 🙂 It works like magic on dry and damaged hair 🙂

  5. Amazing giveaway 🙂

  6. Yvonne Tabaracci at Reply

    Love this giveaway.

  7. Denise S at Reply

    Nothing seems to beat it for me other than when it rains a lot and we have some humidity in the air.

  8. Anjali Salwan at Reply

    Hi R2B Team!!

    First of all would like to appreciate you giveaway contest…It’s really good!

    As per my Mom, the best home remedy is the combination of coconut oil with Alkanet Root (Ratan Jot).
    Massage with this oil on hair roots for 15 min and leave it for at least 2 hours.
    After two hours, wash your hairs with any of gentle shampoo and conditioner. (Use this treatment twice in a week)
    It works very nice on dry and damaged hair… Use Continue for two months for best results

  9. roger simmons at Reply

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  10. Jennifer M. at Reply

    I like to rub coconut oil into the ends of my hair.

  11. Manisha at Reply

    Hey, I have shared d post, tagged my friends, followed the website every where.

    • Manisha at Reply

      And the remedy is: I try applying yoghurt+honey once in a week along with the hair oils treatment that includes- castor oil+coconut oil+vit e capsules+almond oil and that too once in a week.

  12. Bhavani Sekar at Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway ^_^

    Home remedy what I used to treat my dry hair is homemade hair mask.

    2 tablespoons plain yogurt instantly brighten hair and reduce frizz, make a quick homemade hair mask before shampooing. Wet hair in the shower and apply mask. At the end of the shower, shampoo it out.

    Super easy 🙂

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  13. Erica B. at Reply

    I don’t have any tricks…I need one!

  14. rosemary at Reply


  15. Rachel at Reply

    My hair remedy is to wash hair 2 times a week and use a deep conditioner once a week. My hair is long, healthy, and blonde. I hope to donate it soon!

    Facebook: Rachel Odolski
    Twitter: RachelOdolski33

  16. rajee at Reply

    thanks for the chance

  17. rajee at Reply

    follow you on twitter as momsfocus

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    follow you on facebook as momsfocus

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