Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel Review

If someone were to peek into my bathroom, they’d probably think they are peeping onto a shampoo aisle of a drugstore or a departmental store. It’s jam-packed with products! One true confession: When it comes to personal care items, I am an addict.

Every single inch of the usable surface area of my bathroom shelf is covered with myriad shampoos, shower gels, lotions, and conditioners from different brands. While, it serves as a great feast to my eyes, it’s a source of constant irritation to Manish, who believes in minimalism.

Anyways, last month there’s another entrant on the ledge inside my shower – Nivea Water Lily and Oil Shower Gel. Nivea has been an old favorite. It keeps returning to my shower every now and then with new products. This one too hasn’t let me down. Here’s full review for you:

Describe the brand in three words:

Drugstore. German. Personal-care.

What it is?

Hydrating shower gel

Who is it for?

I would say most skin types would be able to love and enjoy this body cleanser. But if you have particularly dry skin, you’d be rather better off with some rich heavy duty cream based body wash.

What’s in it?

Aqua, sodium laureath sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, parfum, disodium cocoyl glutamate, helianthus annuus.

Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel ReviewWhat’s not in it?

Animal derivatives, mineral oil.

Possibly allergy/acne causing any ingredient?


What about packaging?

Comes in a transparent plastic bottle with flip open cap. The plastic bottle and flip open cap doesn’t make it quite travel-friendly. But it’s good enough to keep on the ledge in your shower and use.

Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel ReviewHow do you use it?

Take out a coin sized amount on my loofah and apply directly onto wet body skin. Massage in and build into luscious sudsy lather. Rinse off with warm/cool water depending on the season.

Suitable for winter/summer?

Either. But best suited for summer, spring & fall months. I personally don’t recommend it for colder months.

Suitable in pregnancy?


How much does it cost?

INR 195 for 250 ml

What’s good about Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel?

Fragrance and texture!

Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel ReviewI’m a fragrance person. And this shower gel from Nivea smells and feels just amazing – like fresh Lilies immersed in a gorgeous gel. It suds easily and beautifully into a rich lather that effectively takes off all dirt, grease, and grime from the skin.

Also, it rinses off easily without drying the skin and without leaving any residue or film behind either. Skin is left smooth, shiny and squeaky clean.

And for the price it comes, it’s a total bargain! Perform the same way if not better than most other fancy body washes in the market at a fraction of their cost.

What’s bad about it?

True, it doesn’t dry out your skin but it doesn’t even moisturize your skin after bath as claimed by its “Hydra IQ” technology. I do need to apply a body lotion after using this shower gel to make my skin feel really soft and moisturized after bath.

Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel ReviewR2B Rating:



In short, Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel is just like the way a decent shower gel should be. It smells nice, cleanses well, has a lovely texture and doesn’t dry out the skin. If you don’t want to splurge on a luxe body wash, add it your list – gives a similar feeling sans the hefty price.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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  1. Water lily fragrance sounds amazing… Need to try it. I have tried other variant of shower gel from Nivea…

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