7 best black friday shopping tips

Have you ever spent the day putting a whole a bunch of discounted beauty products into your shopping cart and then debating whether or not to pull the trigger?
Well, with Black Friday fever fast approaching it’s a daily routine at my home. Talking about the ominous day, what stores are you hitting?
As for me, my loyalties lie with Target – the magical place where moms like me can feel both productive and inspired. After all, from affordable (read stylish) shoes to alluring beauty gift sets, from groceries to seriously chic home decor, they have everything you can ever dream of all put together under one roof in carefully organized mesmerizing aisles. I still remember as a little girl looking into the beautifully decorated shop windows during Christmas time. The dreamy world is full of perfect things.
Growing up and with the advent of the internet and online shopping, now it’s more like an entire shopping season than just one day. While, I still hold the same fascination for shopping and my heart still goes like sliding butter over a hot toast whenever I visit Target, the madness of Back Friday over time has become more stressful than productive.
So if you’re like me, who wants to maintain her sanity all the while having fun and saving big this Black Friday season, here are a few great tips :

  1. Chalk out your budget:
    Where stores like Target are infamous for people coming out with more than they went in for – imagine the scenario on Black Friday with irresistible deals on all kinds of need-worthy items!
    True once in season sales are hard to resist but your wallet will thank you much later if you control the urge and stick to a plan.
    So the very first thing to do before you embark on your shopping spree is to chalk out your budget. Make a list of everyone for whom you’ll be shopping, what you’ll buy, and how much you expect those items to cost. This way you’ll be able to better prioritize deals and needs.
  2. Build your shopping list:
    Whether you shop online or visit local stores, you cannot sail the shopping season smoothly without a carefully crafted shopping list in hand. As for me, I’m still building on my shopping list (read a long list of Health & Beauty deals that includes beauty gifts from brands like The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, and fashion tops from H& M – the wishlist is endless!)
    One great tip to prepare your shopping list is to make a list of items first by store and then by order of importance. This way you can easily find focus on must-buy items as you visit stores or websites.
  3. Be an early bird shopper:
    While the official day for Black Friday 2019 is November 29, many retailers like Amazon, Walmart etc. slash their prices early in the middle of the month to stay ahead of the competition. The best sales aren’t even released on Black Friday; they’re unveiled throughout Thanksgiving week.
    So the earlier you start your shopping, the better your chances of finding the items you want on sale and in stock.
  4. Refer to Target’s official Black Friday ad:
    The much-awaited Target’s official Black Friday flyers have been released! The 54-page ad is available online at Target. It includes deal previews for TVs, electronics, smartphones, video games, toys, clothing, home essentials, and more that will be available online and in-store during Black Friday.
    And if you’re like me, who keeps building and disposing of her shopping list based on different whims and given new offers, Target’s official Black Friday ad can act as a useful tool to organize your list and plan your shopping spree.
  5. Follow retailers on Social Media
    If you’re active on Facebook, you know how you start receiving targeted ads after you follow a brand. So depending on your ad appetite, you can start following retailers to know about their on-off sale announcements.
    A great tip is to follow just one retail giant on your active social media account and then wait for their flyers and announcements. My best bet is Target as a retailer and Facebook as a social media channel to follow.
    This is a tip that pays dividends throughout the year and is especially great during Black Friday. Depending on your privacy settings and browsing habits, your retail Facebook ads might be well-targeted to your tastes.
  6. Find the best deals:
    Even though it’s still early to find the best specific deals on items and brands you’re looking to buy this year, there are sites and resources like Slickdeals.net that ensure that you get first-hand information when the retail giant announces its sales and discounts.
    Besides information on the season’s big sales, you can also find attractive vouchers and discount coupons from big retailers like Target. You can find the best deals on specific items, compare prices, and get coupons and discounts from various retailers all under one roof.
  7. Use and buy discounted gift cards:
    Discounted gift cards from stores like Target are another great way to cut down your shopping expenditure and obtain maximum benefit from deals. Before you buy discounted gift cards, make sure you’re getting the right type.
    Some sites offer physical gift cards and online-only coupon codes. If you’re shopping in person, you’ll need the former, unless the retailer is willing to accept a digital version. Also, if you’re planning to buy a gift for someone from Target, it’s best to go with a gift card option rather than wandering the aisles of the huge retailer to find that perfect item your aunt would love.
    And if you’re already shopping for discounted gift cards to use on Black Friday, pick up a few extra for picky loved ones.
    So, girls, these are my best tips to save your sanity all the while saving big on attractive deals of the season. Now with all said and done, I invite you over with a glass of wine to chill and relax as we together cheer for the Blach Fri-yay to bring on its madness.
Written by Anshulika Chawla

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