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The little black dress, or LBD, is a staple in every woman’s closet. With such versatility, every woman knows that the little black dress will be one of the most worn dresses she owns.  Whether she is dressing up for a cocktail party, performing bridesmaid duties or meeting friends for drinks, it is perfect for any occasion. But given how often we don our little black dress, surprisingly few know how to effectively accessorize with our favourite dress.

The right accessories can make your little black dress look like a new outfit each and every time you put it on. Here are six accessories that will suit your LBD perfectly to make you look like a stunner each time you wear it. For more information and for all kinds of your bridesmaid dress needs you can also visit

6 Best Accessories to Match Your Little Black Dress

  1. Colourful Necklaces

Adding a splash of colour to your little black dress can spice it up, particularly if you are attending events with the same social group that has seen you in your LBD before. Brighter accessories around the neck, or if that isn’t your style, soft pastel colours, go exceptionally well with a black dress and will draw the eye to the neck.

2. Add a Sparkly Belt

A belt with a little bit of sparkle will break up the black and add some excitement to the outfit. It also adds some shape to the dress. If you are a taller woman and don’t want the sleek dress to accentuate your long torso, breaking it up with a belt will also help cut the lines.

3. Dangly Statement Earrings

Because your dress isn’t too loud, you are free to make as much noise as you want on your accessories. If there was ever a time to break out the statement earrings, it’s with your little black dress. You more or less have free reign here, which means anything and everything from feathery earrings, to explosive pinks, and dangly tassels. Find those earrings you have always been too scared to wear but secretly love and flaunt them with your LBD.

4. Leather or Denim Jackets

Depending on the vibe, you may want to throw on a leather or denim jacket for both warmth and style. If the event is more informal, go with denim as it will offset the dress and prevent you looking too dressy. If it is a formal event, go for leather so as not to appear too informal.

5. For Textured Dresses, Go Simple

If your favourite little black dress has some texture in the material or is covered in sequins or something, it pays to go slightly more understated, particularly with the earrings. Simple studs or pearls will allow you to create layers to the outfit without becoming too overwhelming.

6. Loud Shoes

Like the jewellery, if you are in a muted, understated LBD, you have the freedom to express yourself in the shoes. You can go for bright coloured, bows, sparkles, or just about anything you want to. One word of advice; with a versatile black dress, the shoes can dictate whether the outfit has a dressed up or dressed down look. So, pay particular attention to your shoes if there is a formal or informal dress code.

With new and novel accessory ideas, you can get even more mileage out of that LBD and keep coming up with interesting fresh looks.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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