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Have you recently started horse riding? Equestrianism is undeniably a costly sport; given the pricy equipment, riders have to purchase in order to enjoy this hobby.

Committed riders are expected to purchase equipment in the form of a saddle, bridle, breastplate, helmet, safety vest, and appropriate clothing. Also, they need some grooming supplies to maintain the look of their equine companions.

There‘s a vast array of equestrian brands online offering horse gear, rider wear, saddlery accessories, and grooming supplies. The largest part of equestrian brands offers high-quality saddle blankets and clothing, such as the Lemieux saddle pads and equestrian apparel, providing luxury and comfort for horses.

These are the main equestrian products offered online, which increase the popularity of equestrian brands.


A saddle is undeniably the essential piece of equipment offered by all equestrian brands. The purpose of saddles is to provide enough support between the rider and the equine for both of them to feel comfortable. Buyers are provided with two types of saddles, English and Western. The former are smaller and lighter, whereas the latter are larger and heavier.

The size of the saddles is supposed to fit the size of the horse and the rider. These can be purchased in three widths, narrow, medium, and wide. Nevertheless, saddles shouldn’t be left for long periods on the back of equines, as these animals start feeling kidney pressure.

The price range of horse saddles is extensive, based on the brand and quality of the product. Models made from genuine instead of faux leather are much higher in price. While low-quality saddles can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, high-end models cost up to several thousand.

Another important piece of equestrian equipment that goes well in combination with a saddle is the blanket that lies underneath the seat. These blankets are made from various materials such as cotton, wool, and other fabrics, available in different sizes. Make sure to purchase a model with a distinctive design to make it unique when compared to other riders’ blankets. Click here to learn how to choose a Western saddle pad or blanket.


The bridle is a vital piece of equestrian equipment, helping riders direct the movement of horses. This headgear is placed on the faces of equines in order for riders to provide them with the right directions. The bridle consists of four parts, which depend on each other for the entire headgear to function.

For instance, the throatlatch is designed to hold the leather straps together, whereas the function of the noseband is to keep the mouth of the equines closed. The bit is in charge of providing the rider with precise control, along with the reins, which are the last part of the bridle. It’s important for the bridle to be made of leather and the noseband to be self-adjusting and anatomic.


Every horse rider is supposed to equip his/her equine companion with a breastplate. The role of the breastplate is to impede the saddle from sliding backward, which is why it fastens it to the front of the animal. The largest part of high-quality breastplates are made of leather. Low-end models, however, are mainly made from artificial leather or nylon.


In the course of horse riding, riders shouldn’t allow clothing to prevent them from feeling comfortable. Therefore, every rider should purchase specific boots, pants, shirt, and gloves to enjoy his/her hobby. These individuals are supposed to wear riding pants, also known as breeches and jodhpurs, which are tight-fitting. Riding pants should provide flexibility, comfort, and stability. The following link,, explains the history and use of jodhpurs.

When it comes to shoes, horseback riders should wear equestrian boots tall to the knees. It’s crucial for the boots to have heels of at least one inch to prevent the foot from slipping and losing balance. Holding leather reins can be uncomfortable even for experienced riders, as the hands become sweaty while the grip becomes less safe.

Fortunately, gloves can easily solve the problem with hand sweating and losing grip. Nevertheless, the gloves you purchase are supposed to be the perfect fit. The bulkier they are, the harder it is for the rider to hold the reins. As far as shirts are concerned, you can wear any type of shirt or sweater you want as long as it’s flexible and made from a breathable fabric.

Safety gear

Safety gear is an indispensable aspect of equestrian equipment, as riders can rarely predict the behaviour of horses. Falls happen unexpectedly, and the consequences might be tragic. In order to prevent unfortunate scenarios, you are advised to invest in safety gear such as a helmet and a safety vest.

A helmet is crucial in preventing brain injuries that might happen because of a horse fall. Nevertheless, it’s of the utmost importance for individuals to use a horse-riding helmet, not a bike helmet. Horse-riding helmets are remarkably sturdy to minimize the risk of severe injuries. Wearing a safety vest is also highly recommended for horseback riders so as to protect their vital organs and chest. A vest would eliminate the likelihood of cracking a rib when hitting the ground.

Grooming products

Equestrian brands offer not only clothing, safety gear, and equestrian equipment but also provide a wide selection of grooming products for horses. For instance, individuals can purchase rubber combs, soft-bristled brushes, body brushes, and hoof picks. The bathing kits for these animals usually include equine shampoo, a sponge, a bucket, and a mane detangler gel.

Moreover, a fly spray is a handy product in the course of the summer period. It’s vital to spray it to a small area of the horse’s body to avoid an adverse reaction. It often happens for the skin of these animals to be too sensitive to body sprays.

To sum up

Horses deserve to be pampered, as these animals are one of the dearest creatures.

You and your companion should feel comfortable!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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