Luggage-bag-options-for-frequent-travellersOne of the most important travel accessories for a girl always on the go is her luggage bag. No wonder, a frequent traveller starts planning for her luggage bag much before she even begins thinking about other travel and wardrobe essentials.

And why not? After all, if your travel bag, no matter how fashionable or stylish does not do its job well, it can spoil the taste and pleasure of your entire trip. Luggage bags that are too small, too bulky or too delicate can lead to crumpled clothes, frequent frustration, and worst of all, airport emergencies!

So does this mean, you comprise on your desire to look fashionable, when looking for a functional luggage bag? Well, no.
With so many stylish yet travel friendly luggage bag options available today you can easily sail through any trip without encountering any speed bumps and without sacrificing your fashion appeal.

Also for a luggage bag to combine vogue and practicality, you need to look for a specialized bag that serves a specific purpose. So before you start searching for different luggage bag options in the market, determine the purpose you need the bag for.

Here are some specialized yet swanky luggage bag options for you:

Duffle Bag for a Weekend Trip:

Luggage-bag-options-for-frequent-travellersA duffle bag is best suited for a short weekend trip planned just at the last minute.
Coming handy and allowing you to pack hastily duffle bags add an exciting touch to your persona.

Backpacks for Laptops and Adventure Trips:

Luggage-bag-options-for-frequent-travellersBackpacks are not only great for short adventure trip for a venturesome traveller but they are also ideal for trips where you need to carry your laptop as well.

Wheeled Travel Bag:

Luggage-bag-options-for-frequent-travellersWhether you are making a formal business trip or a planned pleasure trip, a wheeled travel bag makes for an essential part of the luggage repertoire for any traveller. Easier to stroll through, they also have separate compartments for different travel essentials.

Smart Sling Bag:

Luggage-bag-options-for-frequent-travellersIf you are always on the move, a smart travel sling bag should be a must-have item in your baggage inventory.
Although, it serves a similar purpose of a duffle bag for a short trip or an overnight stay, a sling bag comes with a shoulder strap instead of a top handle.

Your regular sling bag can also be repurposed as a travel tote if it has enough room for a pair of clothes and toiletries.

Shoulder and Waist Pouch:

Luggage-bag-options-for-frequent-travellersFor any stylish jetsetter on the go, a shoulder and waist pouch is fundamental to keep essentials safe and handy.

So girls, luggage is all about fashion and function if you know how to pick and pack the right bag for your trip.
Whether it’s a cool backpack, traditional suitcase, or a stylish duffle bag, deciding on the perfect luggage bag for your need is an important step in keeping your trip smooth and stylish.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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