L’Oreal White Perfect Micro Vibration Eye Brightening Cream ReviewLast week had been really rough – sleepless nights, hectic days with piles of pending work! And the only thing I was sure of was getting some nasty dark circles and puffy eyes by the end of the week. But I had never been so pleased to see Friday loom with bright eyes!

Surprised? Well, so was I. Never believed a drugstore beauty product can ever become a miracle cure. But here is the deal about skincare products – what could be a holy-grail material for one can turn out to be a ‘match made from hell’ for another. So we always need to keep in mind our own discretion and ingredients that work for us before using a particular product.

However, this micro vibration eye brightening cream from L’Oreal was an accidental find as it came to be a part of the L’Oreal White Perfect kit that hubby got from one of his business trips last year.
The kit contained a day cream, night cream and a micro vibration eye brightener.

While I started using the day cream and night cream with good results, didn’t actually feel the need to use eye brightener until last week. I was expecting my under area to get on my nerves with all the mayhem of the last week, so the time seemed perfect for a brightening eye treatment.

Excited to read the full review of L’Oreal White Perfect micro vibration eye brightener and what it did for me? Read on.

My Experience with L’Oreal White Perfect Micro Vibration 3 in 1 Eye Brightener



What makes L’Oreal White Perfect Micro Vibration eye brightener truly special and unique from other brightening eye creams in the market is that this eye cream comes with a vibrating tool!
After all, who wouldn’t like a nippy pampering treatment at the end of the day with a nifty beauty gadget?

And this vibrating tool isn’t anything like the usual eye roll on treatments that most of us have already used and experienced! It’s actually a mini vibrating eye massager device that feels fun and comforting to the eye area. Seriously, L’Oreal, when it comes to beauty innovation, you are the market leader!

The product comes as a double ended tube with the eye cream labeled as 1 in the lower half and micro vibrator tool labeled as 2 in the upper half of the tube. So you clearly know what you must apply first. The eye cream is enriched with L’Oreal’s patent ‘pink tourmalines and melanin blockers’ to help brighten and smoothen the skin around the eyes.

L’Oreal White Perfect Micro Vibration Eye Brightening Cream ReviewIt has a creamy consistency that is neither too thick nor too runny and feels to be just right for the delicate under eye area. However, as far as the cream goes, I wasn’t expecting to be much surprised. What really intrigued me was the micro vibrating device!

And at 130 micro vibrations a minute, this tool really does the job of helping the eye cream absorb more quickly and deeply into your skin. So all you need to do is apply the cream around your eyes, switch on the micro vibrator, hold the metal bit to your orbital area and let it do the work of relaxing and brightening your eye area.

Since, I normally do not suffer from dark circles, I cannot comment well on the whitening action of the cream.
For me, it’s like if have good sleep, I have bright eyes and if I don’t then ‘Panda alert’! Since, I wasn’t getting enough sleep in the past few nights; I was expecting to find some ugly dark circles and bags under my eyes.

But this micro vibration eye cream from L’Oreal really helped de-puffing the bags under my eyes and brightening the skin around my eyes caused by those poor nights. I think it did with the massaging and vibrating action of the tool. So the real catch in this brightening eye cream is the massager!


  • Comes in stylish packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Comes out fair on its claims of brightening and de-puffing the eyes
  • Not so heavy on the pocket
  • Micro-massager is a miracle tool that boosts circulation and helps to instantly de-puff eye area
  • Eye cream isn’t heavy and spreads easily on the skin
  • Massager makes the brightening ingredients of the cream all the more effective by helping with quicker and deeper penetration into the skin
  • The metal tool feels cool and comforting on the skin


  • The only con I feel in this product is you probably can’t replace the batteries! So the product is a bit gimmicky.

L’Oreal White Perfect Micro Vibration Eye Brightening Cream ReviewR2B Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase: Yes. Have already fallen in love with its nifty tool!

Overall Take:

Overall, L’Oreal white perfect micro vibration eye brightener is a wonderful product with an eye cream at one end and a massaging tool at other end.
The eye cream is enriched with brightening properties and de-puffing ingredients and the micro massager increases it efficiency. It is fun to use and feels really good on the skin.

However, it is a battery operated device and I have no idea how long the battery will last and whether it is replaceable or not. Still, I highly recommend this L’Oreal white perfect micro vibration brightening eye cream to all those divas who spend long hours in front of the computer and those beauties who are not getting enough sleep!


Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. I haven’t tried this l’oreal white perfect at all.. will do it soon though ‘coz you have reviewed it really well. Totally loving the tool as well.

    xoxo Chaicy – New Post up – Style.. A Pastiche!

    SAP on Facebook

    • Hello Chaicy, I’m glad you liked the review. For sure you will find it good once you use it.

    • Donna at Reply

      Late to the party but I got it at TJ MAXX for 6.00. LOVE IT!

  2. Gabrielle at Reply

    I had no idea L’Oreal did any products such as this before, blogging has really shown me how vast the cosmetic industry is! Have a fantastic week! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    • Hello Gabrielle, Even i was excited to find this eye cream comes with massager. Now an aye cream with massaging tool is indeed an innovation. Love L’Oreal for their novel products.

  3. this product really sounds interesting…


  4. this is really innovative…including a massager with eyecream 🙂 I will love to try it..

  5. Donna at Reply

    Late to the party but I got it at marshalls for about 6.00 LOVE IT

  6. Anu at Reply

    Hi,love your articles,kindly tell me which product to use for dark cicles and crows feet

    • Thanks Anu for the love. There are many good eye creams available in the market like the one reviewed above, Fair eye under eye cream, Avarta under eye cream, brightening eye serum from Kaya Skin Clinic etc. You can pick any from these for dark circles and crows feet.

  7. I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them.
    So Thank You So Much For Sharing Such Nice information.

  8. Trish at Reply

    Of course you can change the battery!! I have had mine since it launched years ago.Just use a bit of force and it opens.It takes an AG13 button battery,I buy a card of multiple batteries from my local Poundland store!

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