Ladies, are you looking for personalized gifts options for your significant other? Why not give him a large photo of the two of you as a couple. Surely, he will feel the love! Do not just make it any photo. It would be good if you can have a photoshoot with him to have the best picture of the two of you! If you are clueless about the poses or themes, here are some creative ideas to have awesome looking couple photos.

And if you cannot choose just one photo, a photo book can be a good idea – a compilation of all the pictures you had from a professional shoot. It is one of those DIY photo gift ideas he will love!

Show it off

How to Have Awesome Looking Couple PhotosIf you got it, flaunt it. For couples with a fit and sexy body, this is a good idea for a creative and steamy photoshoot. Find a private location and a photographer you trust so that you will feel comfortable and there will be no inhibitions. Your man must also make you feel secure and confident. If you are looking for inspiration, here is a compilation of some of the hottest couple photos that you might want to recreate. They will make a good decorative piece in your bedroom or just for your partner’s private collection!

Go outdoors

This is a good idea if the two of you like going outdoors, such as during the weekends or when you are on a vacation. Have a photoshoot in your favorite national park. The green backdrop will surely look good in photos. Go on a hike and use the sea of clouds as a part of the photos. A safari trip will also be nice if you can afford it.

Hit the beach

How to Have Awesome Looking Couple PhotosThe beach is one of the best photoshoot locations for outdoor lovers. Have a photo taken with the two of you running along the coast while the sun sets. Rent a boat and go fishing to have your pictures taken. Better yet, go underwater and have a photoshoot while the two of you swim or dive.

Dress up

For playful couples, dressing up is an instant way to up the photo game. You can dress up as your favorite TV or cartoon characters. You can be serious or playful, depending on your personalities. Take the photoshoot a notch higher by choosing a location that is perfect for your costume. Be sure to complete the look with props. Take advantage of the power of Photoshop to make the photos look even better.

Play with colors

Add life to photos by incorporating elements that will make it colorful. And no, I am not talking about wearing bright-colored clothes. That is so boring! There are many ways to add color to pictures. For instance, you can wear white shirts and play with paint on each other’s faces and shirts. A color spray will also be nice.

Take note of the ideas mentioned above and have the perfect couple photo taken! Act natural, and for sure, the photos will look good!


Written by Anshulika Chawla

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