Beautiful-Cat-cats-16095933-1280-800Some of the most beautiful things in life are often found in places where you least expect them to be. This time, when I returned home from my trip to Kullu Manali, I was overjoyed to discover something really wonderful in my patio.

Guess what? A cat has laid kittens in our patio! Three little kitties playing in my courtyard!! For some reason, pups, cats, kittens and children all seem to gravitate towards me. But I am particularly good with cats and kittens. I can spend hours in the company of kittens without getting bored!All those who know me, know cats are my first love. Ever since my childhood cats and kittens have regularly visited me. Any place I move to, I always manage to find my love sometimes as pets, sometimes as stray cats getting friendly.

white_kittenI got particularly attached with one of the kittens I rescued while returning from a wedding shopping trip just a few months before my marriage. There are many adventures and stories that have happened with this kitty but I would like to save those for another post.

This post is particularly dedicated to these three little kittens and their mom, who have clawed their way into my life and now into my heart with their astounding cuteness, charm, and sweet cunningness!! We have a small patio that leads to the front gate of our house, where we park our car. The kitties have now discovered the fun of riding!! Much to my amusement and much to hubby’s annoyance!!

winter-cats-blue-eyes-animals-snow-white-1280x1024-wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_48I couldn’t help control laughing when I first watched their bewildered expression riding the Hyundai i20! Their innocent mischief mesmerized me completely. They are so uninhibited, gullible creatures that I felt compelled to do their worrying.

I always fall for eyes which look at me with sincerity. And this cat mother’s eyes are so pure and bright. When she first looked at me with genuine earnestness and delight, I just had to adopt her with all her kiddies! It’s been just a couple of days of togetherness and this cat family has already got so fond and friendly.

930364-bigthumbnailThis afternoon when I walked to the veranda to give her milk, her mouth watering delight, she refused to drink. Instead she kept purring and nudging against my leg. I stopped for a moment and hesitantly patted her on her back. Much to my surprise, she closed her eyes and leaned on my calf signaling me to keep petting her.

She didn’t want food. All she wanted was love and a caring touch!

Most-Beautiful-Kitten-Photos3I wonder how come people who are either not familiar with cats or don’t like cats, call them to be selfish and aloof. They as hungry for love as you and I. One species cannot be superior or better than the other.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. What a nice story! You are a very kind person. No wonder animals and children are drawn to you. I LOVE cats too! They keep my laughing every day. 🙂

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