Best Salons in Charlotte, North Carolina

Are you looking for a hair salon or barbershop? Even though the line between salon stylists and barbers gradually becomes blurred, individuals should know the difference before making a choice.

Barbers are skilled at providing classic, short haircuts while offering no color services. Salon stylists are experts in cutting, styling, and coloring longer hair. There is a multitude of hair salons, such as Bishops in Charlotte, offering a menu of color treatments, cuts, facial hair grooming, and shaves.

Follow the tips below to pick the best salons in Charlotte, North Carolina

Consider the training

One of the initial aspects to consider when looking for a hair salon or barbershop in Charlotte is the training of the hairdresser/barber. Even though state registration is still not mandatory, the Hair and Barber Council imposes high standards as a professional body, which hairdressers should adhere to. Registered professionals must be trained and qualified to prevent clients from receiving poor service.

There are different levels of qualification, which hairdressers/barbers can meet. A level 2 qualification stands for the minimum standard, which these professionals should have to cut hair and color it while unsupervised. It takes two years for level two to be completed. In contrast, level three is obtained by senior stylists, taking one extra year to complete. Level four is necessary for stylists interested in business management, even though their skills aren’t better than level three hairdressers.

Nevertheless, sometimes, bad haircuts and colorings occur not because the hairdresser isn’t trained and qualified, but because of the experiments, people do at home. In an attempt to save money, many individuals decide to use a box dye and color their hair by themselves, which isn’t exactly recommended when making a big change, like going from blonde to dark. Afterwards, they usually see a professional for color correction.

Consider the hairdresser/barber

Apart from training, individuals looking for a hair salon/barbershop in Charlotte, North Carolina, should pay attention to the knowledge and personality of hairdressers/barbers. A good hairdresser isn’t only supposed to do miracles to your hair but be interested in listening to your needs and wishes. It’s of absolute importance for you to find a combination of a skilled hairdresser and a good salon. Check out some helpful tips on getting the haircut you want.

For instance, certain salons/barbershops deprive hairdressers/barbers of spending enough time with their clients because of trying to get a bunch of clients through the door. Also, the trend and product knowledge of these professionals should be copious to address the specific needs of clients. Make sure the salon demands hairdressers to conduct a patch test prior to clients getting a color treatment, as some individuals are likely to react to color badly.

Have a consultation

Another important aspect in the search for the best hair salon/barbershop in Charlotte is the initial consultation. The majority of reputable salons/barbershops offer a free consultation prior to the day of the appointment for clients to get to know the hairdresser and check out the place. It’s important for the consultation to be booked in advance instead of just before the appointment in order not to rush the visit and see whether the professional understands your requirements.

Moreover, communication is a key element in consultations, allowing hairdressers to determine the length of the cut or the expected color. Also, during consultations, clients are advised how often they need to come to the salon to maintain a particular style. It usually takes a single appointment on a monthly basis to maintain different hairstyles.

In addition, individuals looking for color treatments are supposed to have their natural hair color analyzed during the consultation. Color specialists take various factors into account in the course of the appointment, such as the velocity and elasticity of the hair. The former refers to its natural ability to absorb color, whereas the latter stands for the strength of the bonds. Follow this link,, for some expert tips on hair elasticity.

Furthermore, these professionals also take the percentage of gray hairs into account, as this factor affects the outcome. During the appointment, hairdressers take notes of all the points discussed, which they use later if clients decide to schedule an appointment. Just by looking at the notes, they know which products they’re going to use and how long will the appointment last.

Check the reputation of the salon

The reputation of the salon/barbershop is of tremendous importance when choosing one in Charlotte, North Carolina. While recommendations are always welcome, you are also advised to type the words hairdresser and Charlotte into your browser and check the top results. It’s common for paid links to be at the top of searches, which is why you should look for reviews, as well as before and after images.

It’s crucial for the posted photographs to be of real people, not celebrities and models. While photos of celebrities can be used to introduce new trends, you should see how these trends look on clients. The photographs should be taken in salons and not subjected to excessive editing. As mentioned above, reviews are incredibly important, especially those posted on hairdressing review sites. Always look for recent reviews accompanied by pictures.

Consider pricing

Last but not least, pricing is of great interest to clients when choosing a hair salon/barbershop. Therefore, hairdressers/barbers are expected to outline their pricelists for clients to get familiar with the costs of standard services. Additionally, the consultations are the right time for these professionals to assess the approximate cost and inform clients about the price for them to set their expectations.

Moreover, the price of services usually depends on the quality of the used products, the duration of the appointment, the experience of the hairstylist, etc. Individuals interested in getting colour treatment are expected to pay more. By letting potential clients know about the price beforehand, hairdressers/barbers provide them with enough time to think about it and avoid embarrassing situations.

Final word

Opt for a reputable salon with experienced hairdressers!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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