Why Australian Fashion is Rising Rapidly?

Australia is a melting pot of people coming from different nationalities and cultures, and it’s something that manifests greatly in the rising fashion industry of the land Down Under. And while the involvement of runway models from different ethnicities is one of the most apparent manifestations of the multiculturalism driving this rise of fashion, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

While ethnic models used to face blatant racism from agents and designers, the Australian fashion scene has begun to realize the potential of a multicultural approach and has opened its doors to a more inclusive environment where people from different cultures can contribute their skills together to further improve Australian fashion.


Why Australian Fashion is Rising Rapidly?The diversity of models in the recent Australian Fashion Weeks shows that the industry is becoming more welcoming in showcasing the latest Australian fashion. While it certainly is a great reflection of the multicultural society that is characteristic of Australia, culture has a greater role in the trends in Australian fashion in the recent years.

The presence of fashion designers from different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural background make Australian fashion more creatively diverse. For instance, fashion designer Akira Isogawa who grew up in Japan but eventually moved to Australia, draws inspiration from both his knowledge of his Australian clients, fashion trends, and his Japanese roots. Isogawa always finds a way to incorporate culturally relevant Japanese elements into his designs, and that’s what makes his brand stand out from other Australian fashion designers.

Why Australian Fashion is Rising Rapidly?Models and designers are not the only one which make Australian fashion culturally diverse. Fashion bloggers, who are often the source or trailblazers of the latest fashion trends, hail from different ethnicities and nationalities. Souri Sengadara, Helen Lee, Delina Darusman-gala are just some of the well-known Australian fashion icons and designers that come from other cultures.

They all agree that the Australian fashion sense is generally more carefree than other international styles, and that’s what makes their brand of fashion unique and fresh. Not only that, the general fashion sense in Australia is all about being comfortable yet still chic. And them combining this knowledge with their own cultural nuances, as Darusman-gala does, makes the fashion even more dynamic.

Another fashion designer that greatly exemplifies the great contributions of coming from different cultures is Caterina Bidini. Bidini comes from Italy, and has brought her training and knowledge in Italian fashion to Australia when she relocated to Sydney.

Why Australian Fashion is Rising Rapidly?Her line of leather bags, called Bidinis, are now being acclaimed because of her recent partnership with Canadian artist Michelle Vella. Bidini and Vella are collaborating to help people with their self-expression with the use of both art and fashion. Vella hand paints Bidini’s leather bags depending on designs chosen by the clients themselves.

Not only are Bidinis Handbags 100% made in Italy, the entire manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly. Then, they are made even more special by Vella’s hand painted design that makes each one unique.


Multiculturalism plays a huge part in the development of Australian fashion. The versatility that the indigenous and immigrant populations offer in their diversity makes for a dynamic and ever-shifting Australian fashion.

Why Australian Fashion is Rising Rapidly?Australian fashion trends have begun to rise as they began to embrace the multiculturalism available to them. And because of the sheer diversity of cultures and ethnicities that are in Australia, it’s no surprise that the fashion industry continues to evolve and improve as time passes by. As more and more models, designers, and fashion icons from different cultures begin to make their mark on the Australian fashion scene, you can expect that this rise won’t be flat lining anytime soon.

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