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Vintage Style is often an imitation of a previous era, sprinkled with modern taste for an eccentric yet widely popular fashion style. Most people commonly refer to vintage fashion as retro style. However, there are two subsets to retro fashion namely, classic and, of course, vintage.

Classic fashion refers to a fashion style that could not be defined and categorized as modern or old, but it fits as a fashion statement in modern society, nonetheless. On the other hand, vintage fashion, which is the topic of our discussion, is accessorized with apparel and accessories that hints of a latter era in the 20th century. Among the two, however, vintage is harder to pull off.

Thus, in this article, you will learn various tips for wearing vintage clothes as well as get a better picture of styles that are essentially vintage.

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Examples of Vintage Fashion Styles

Vintage clothing can easily set you apart in any crowd, event, or party. The ultimate secret to vintage style is the careful and delicate balance between the vintage and the modern. Remember that vintage fashion is about reinterpretation of the actual vintage style and using the modern taste to recreate vintage fashion using the modern fashion language.

To give you a clearer picture of how to dress vintage while avoiding standing out like a sore thumb, here are several vintage fashion example where you can base your vintage attire:

  1. Simplicity as Vintage

The most common obstacle to a good vintage style is over enthusiasm and overdoing. Simplicity, in terms of wardrobe, hair and makeup, accentuates the vintage more than anything else. A common mistake among vintage style beginners is their relentless attempt to duplicate and emulate vintage fashion, which will often lead into an inappropriate fashion style.

  1. The Combined Vintage Look

Using a pair of accessories can greatly modernize any vintage attire to create a good balance between the old and the new. Most people do not want to commit to a modern-vintage combination because they see it as a betrayal of the vintage spirit. However, the modern flavor does not depreciate the vintage through the combination. In fact, it aims to accentuate the vintage by putting modern, conventional accessories.

  1. Vintage as Breaking the Monotony

Vintage outfit thrive through combination as do all other styles. Breaking the vintage combination by adding a single modern piece, however, brings new aesthetic elements that can break the monotony.

  1. Basic Vintage Attire

Modern accessories do, in fact, complement vintage fashion. By adding platform sandals or a modern-designed hand bag in a totally vintage attire, you immediately reinvent and create your own fashion statement.

  1. Accentuating Vintage through Vintage Accessories

Vintage style is also available the other way around. You can create a vintage look  by using contemporary clothing as the base layer and sprinkle it with vintage accessories and apparels such as glasses, hats, and handbags.

  1. Vintage piece as centerpiece; modern pieces as supporting elements

Another good vintage style is using a particular vintage piece as the centerpiece of the attire. Afterwards, you can add several modern pieces to complement that centerpiece. This technique is usually applied when a particular vintage piece, like a dress, is enough to make one standout in a crowd.

  1. Vintage hair style

As we all know that hair styles are important for us, especially women. Some people are searching virgin hair extensions online, but vintage hair style can bring you wonderful look.

  1. Other popular key vintage pieces

If you are having problems thinking of good vintage pieces to find on the internet or in a local boutique shop, the following are good vintage pieces to put as complementary or centerpiece items in your attire:

  • Floral
  • Polka dots
  • Flapper fringes
  • Pleats
  • Flared apparel
  1. Contrast and Complement Vintage through Shirt

A shirt in a vintage mix is a classic way to avoid overdressing in vintage. In fact, the shirt does not even need to be modern; shirts with vintage designs are popular nowadays so it does not set you off from the norm of today’s clothing. Furthermore, they are ample styles of shirts you can experiment from to create a modern-vintage combination work.


Vintage style is best when done in moderation. Using the modern touch to re imagine and recreate 20th century fashion is, in fact, the main selling point of modern vintage attires. By following the set of guidelines, tips, and examples in this article, you can have a good grasp of vintage fashion in no time. However, there is a lot of room for experimentation as soon as you have mastered the basics. So use your creativity to make unique vintage styles that are essentially your own.

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