Women love their eyelashes long & thick, it is as simple as that. But it is not easy to grow or maintain such aesthetic growths that look elegant and make a woman admirable. Beautifying eyelashes takes a lot of time out of one’s book and money as well. If the results are not achieved it would be a great disappointment for the sensitive hearts who only desire an attractive look.

Eyelash growth enhancers in the market have a lot of potential; however, not all products deliver the same results and some can kill the beauty of the eyes by damaging the skin. Scientifically eyelash growth occurs in three phases:

  1. Anagen or the active phase of growth.
  2. Telogen or the phase of resting.
  3. Catagen or the phase of involution.

It would take 6 months for the cycle to complete and eyelash hair to grow to its maturity. For those with an irresistible desire to get long lashes within no time lash conditioners & serums are the best alternatives.

“False lashes and extensions are mere make-up gimmicks which can satisfy the crowd, but not the heart and soul of a woman.”

What about the serums and conditioners? Do they work as efficient as the advertisements suggest. The truth is they are a bit exaggerated, but there is some truth behind their claims and they do work. It depends on the selection of the product and knowing the ingredients that best work for the growth of an eyelash. Check out the following eyelash enhancement products that are reliable:

  1. Latisse – Bimatoprost is an approved drug by the FDA for enhancing the length of eyelashes and it is sold as cosmetic under the brand name “Latisse”. The eyelash enhancement provides uniform thickness and lengths. This simple to use product works well as long it is constantly applied and after halting the use, one cannot expect the same brightness or elongation of the lashes.

top five eyelash serums for wonderful eyesDoes it work? Well, not as promised but it is good for lash enhancement but is heavy on the wallet.

Possible side effects: darkening of eyelids, darkening of iris, blurred vision and burning sensation.

Latisse needs to be obtained through prescription; although, that won’t be a problem with the good doctors available, would it?

  1. L’Oreal Eyelash Serum – If it’s from L’Oreal it’s definitely a product to keep in the list. With Arginine and Centella asiatica extract each lash gets the protection it deserves. Keratin and amino acids help to boost the growth of eyelashes along with conditioning them.

top five eyelash serums for wonderful eyes

Does it work? Yes, the calculated composition of the serum ensures growth of the lashes effectively, but doesn’t double the count within few weeks as mentioned on the pack.

Possible side effects: Although there are no side effects apart from initial irritation the serum is not suggestible for women with contact lenses.

The best results through the L’Oreal growth serum is obtained with the use of L’Oreal mascara, which depends on the individual taste.

  1. LiLash purified eyelash serum – The physician developed serum tested in ophthalmologist laboratories directly acts on the follicle of the lash and conditions it, which leads to a strength eyelash. Moreover, it is good for those with contact lenses and sensitive skin.

top five eyelash serums for wonderful eyesDoes it work? As an award-winning product for the formula it has, it sure has a way to increase the strength and length of eyelashes. The serum is more effective for lash breakage than growth according to many reviews.

Possible side effects: initial redness and irritation.

There are many fake products under the same name, so be wise and order from the main website of LiLash for genuine serums.

  1. Fysiko eyelash growth serum – This growing eyelash serum enhancement product has several noteworthy ingredients such as grape seed, ginseng roost & chamomile extract along with Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), thyme oil, glycerin and olive oil. Although, it is not the perfect composition it certainly does improve the condition of an eyelash.

top five eyelash serums for wonderful eyesDoes it work? After carefully using the product for 4-8 weeks, it is found that the Anagen phase of eyelash growth improves. The process is slow but the results are inevitable with the serum.

Possible side effects: skin darkening and initial irritation.

Fysiko needs some understanding before application as the results are late and it’s best to read the instructions on this lash growth serum for the best output.

  1. RevitaLash – The non-prescription Latisse is developed by a doctor with the inclusion of Bio-peptin complex, saw palmetto, ginseng, Swertia japonica, wheat protein etc. The product comes with a high price tag, but is worth the money with evident results.

Does it work? As long as the individual applies the serum the ingredients do magic and there is lash growth. However, after few days of non-use of the product the hair becomes dull.

Possible side effects: With so many ingredients one should use the serum by knowing their allergy levels to different ingredients.

Latisse and RevitaLash come with similar price tags and one should prefer the product based on their skin sensitivity and specific expectations from the products.

In case you’re still wondering what works – all the products above work well and their effectiveness is impeccable. However, the product’s results are also based on how well an individual uses it so make sure to follow the instructions and become a woman with those perfect looks and sexy eyelashes.

Tip: Do remember that if you don’t like a product or feeling too many side effects after a week’s testing; send them back as all of them come with a money back guarantee.

Written by Daniel Norwood


  1. Peter at Reply

    Natural eyelashes are the best and I really hope all these serums work. Do they work for men? or Are they limited to women eyelash enhancement only?Thank you.

  2. Daniel Norwood at Reply

    Why would they not work for men? Of course they do! But be careful while applying as men’s skin is different from that of a woman and it is better to contact a dermatologist and ophthalmologist to know the best product that suits you.

  3. Rohini at Reply

    I used Loreal Eyelash serum it works very well!!! Now I am trying to change my eyelash serum, I pic 2 products please anyone guide me on which one is best!!

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