Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil Review

This oil first caught my fancy, when I saw its ad on the Sunday morning newspaper in the beginning of this year. It was from Dove! My eternal love! And it contained Hibiscus and Argan oil. Had already heard and read great things about both these ingredients but never got a chance to try them.

And this time, when my favorite Beauty brand used the two precious ingredients in one of its new and imperial looking product, I had to try it. Half of this year has passed and I am through with half of the bottle. Time is ripe for the Dove Elixir ‘Hibiscus and Argan Oil’ Hair Oil Review, so here I go.

Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil ReviewI had always seen my grandmother apply a red colored oil to her hair after washing. She had the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen. She has never used any chemical product or dye and even today most of her hair are black! On asking her the reason for her thick shiny and jet black hair, she told me its the weird smelling and odd-looking oil called ‘Javakusum’.

I passed the thought like any other of my Grandma’s myth. Both my mother and sister too had thick dense hair. Giving all credit to my genes and believing my hair will remain thick, black, and lustrous hair, no matter what, I started experimenting with different shampoos, hair-dos and other hair care products.

It was only when my hair started showing signs of damage, I started looking for solutions. Frantically searching the net for hair fall rescue and remedies for dull, rough hair, I stumbled upon the magical effects of ‘hibiscus’ in fighting the signs of damage, hair fall, and premature greying of hair.

And when I found Grandma’s ‘javakusum’ or hibiscus in such an attractive packaging, I couldn’t resist myself from buying this magical oil from Dove. And the fact it combined the power of hibiscus with the wondrous Argan oil, which is actually very hard to find and highly expensive in Indian market, it added pizzas to the overall product.

My Experience with Dove Elixir:

Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil Review

Dove Elixir Hibiscus and Argan Oil

Never being an oil person for the grease and strange scents, I especially loved its ultra light consistency and fresh fruity fragrance. Trust me, the fragrance is ethereal! The oil comes in an extremely attractive glass bottle with a pump dispenser that gives the oil an imperial and classy touch.

The actual oil is transparent in color with frosty pink hibiscus petals settled at the bottom. The oil seeped into my scalp and hair pretty quickly. True to its claim, the oil did made my hair luminous when I applied. Now I wanted to see, whether the luminosity and softness stays even after washing the hair in the morning.

Holy God! My tresses actually retained the softness and the shine! Being light weight, it was effortless to wash it off my hair. Since, I loved the fragrance so much, I applied a few drops to my towel dried hair just as a perfume. As an added bonus, not only did it tame my frizz but also made my hair glossy!

However, there is a catch. All these magical effects are temporary. Its been 6 months I am using this oil and there has been no drastic change in my hair texture apart from a little softness and volume in my hair now.

I still love the product and it has made me replace both my hair oil and leave-in-serum for this two in one package.

Price: 185/-

Quantity: 90 ml

Available in Three Variants:



  • Imperial packaging
  • Heavenly fragrance
  • Ultra light weight
  • Non greasy
  • Contains most exotic hair care ingredients like hibiscus and argan oil
  • In expensive
  • Can be used as a styling product, leave-in-serum, moisturizer, shine serum….



  • Glass bottle can be prone to breakage
  • Not travel friendly due to heavy glass bottle
  • Inefficient dispensing pump
  • Does not provide any miraculous or drastic change to hair texture overtime


Rating:  4/5

My Final Take:

Overall, I found this oil as a great hair care product. It does matches most of my requirements and expectations. It has definitely saved me from spending huge bucks on expensive shine serums and styling products.

For non-oil girls, the hair oil can prove to be wondrous and for others it can give them a refreshing break from their regular greasy and messy oil.

Will I buy Again:  Definitely yes.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. I tried this Dove oil and wasn’t that impressed after a few uses. I really like Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil. It leaves hair super soft and full of shine without weighing it down and it also works to protect hair from heat and repairs and prevents damage.

    • Thanks for sharing your view and experience. Nothing like pure Argan oil, anytime. Will try the one recommended by you.

  2. Jayla Brown at Reply

    It was such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using raw shea butter reconstructive elixir from long and its really effective. This finishing elixir has reconstructive properties – which means that it helps grow and strengthen hair.

  3. Arup at Reply

    Hi, Dove elexir hair oil is out of market, can you pl suggest a similar hair oil below 300

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