Quick and Easy One Day Diet Solutions

We all want to look fit. But sometimes, we are not ready to put all the effort needed for looking fit. The problem gets even worse when you need to go on a romantic holiday in a day or two, you are going for a date this weekend, or you just want to look fabulous. Well, good news. We have several diets that will help you get right back on track.

These diets will get you where you want to be, no matter if you are in PMS, you’ve had too many cocktails, or you just need to look slimmer. The right foods can do wonders. And the best part is, none of these day-long diets will deprive you of any good stuff you want to consume. It is all about giving your body the ingredients it needs.

We leave for a romantic getaway diet

Quick and Easy One Day Diet SolutionsGetting ready for a romantic getaway could be stressful. You will probably enjoy quite a lot time in bed, and you want to look good while doing. This diet will help you lose few pounds in a day, build your self-esteem, and improve your sexual vitality.

The goal here is to consume foods that are rich in L-arginine, an amino acid that is found in nuts, poultry, and seafood. There is a reason why seafood is one of the best aphrodisiacs. This secret weapon will promote blood flow to your genitals, and allow you to enjoy a pleasant experience in the bed.

What you need is balancing carbs for energy, protein for stamina, and healthy fats for the production of testosterone and estrogen.

– For your breakfast, grab oatmeal with some walnuts and dried cranberries

– Between lunch and breakfast, grab some celery with peanut butter

– For lunch, prepare a garden salad, get some chicken meat, and top it off with olive oil dressing

– Your dinner is whole-wheat pasta and shrimp with some olive oil. And get some fresh berries for dessert

I want to look fabulous on my date

Quick and Easy One Day Diet SolutionsTo be fair, most of us can look good in a sexy tight dress. Get some spandex beneath your dress, and you will look fabulous. But what you want is to look good if that dress “comes off”. Certain foods, including pineapple, can definitely make your tummy look flat. The goal here is to pair protein with vegetables and stick to a pineapple diet that is rich in bromelain. This is the enzyme that will hydrate your system and help you flatten the stomach in a day. And no, do not worry, improving your digestion doesn’t mean you will need to go to the toilet in the middle of your date. Bonus trick, get a cup of peppermint tea to decrease bloating gas.

– For breakfast, prepare a fruit smoothie. Throw in any of the following: pineapple, banana, peaches, yogurt, and strawberries. You can get them all, or just some of them

– For lunch, get some chicken Caesar salad and avocado

– Your dinner is low-sodium soup and steamed salmon or steamed chicken

– In between lunch and dinner, get a peppermint tea and some cucumber sticks

I am in PMS Diet

Quick and Easy One Day Diet SolutionsMen cannot understand what happens during PMS. But women know for sure. All those mood swings are caused by hormonal imbalance. So, during PMS, your goal is to consume foods that will regulate your hormones, and keep the mood swings at a minimum. In addition, you need foods that boost serotonin production. That is the happy hormone that will help you breeze through PMS. Stay away from salt, and get more foods with magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D.

– Your breakfast is cottage cheese, fortified orange juice, and berries

– For lunch, grab a spinach salad, salmon, and low-fat milk

– For dinner, get whole-wheat pasta with mushrooms, onions, and garlic in a tomato sauce

– Your snack can be air-popped popcorn with no butter and some fat-free chocolate sauce

I shouldn’t have drunk that many cocktails diet

Quick and Easy One Day Diet SolutionsAll right, we’ve all been there. After a night out, the next day you feel horrible. You have the feeling a truck rolled over you. So, while you feel guilty that you had too many martinis last night, do not beat yourself up. Instead, kick yourself up. What you need is a diet rich in enzymes that break down alcohol, and foods that help you detox. For your headache, assuming you have one, get some magnesium and potassium rich foods. And no, a Bloody Mary will not help. You cannot heal alcohol with alcohol. Instead, you are just putting more stress on your liver. Here is your diet plan.

– Bacon and egg whites, plus some turmeric and tomato juice for breakfast

– For lunch, get fortified breakfast cereal and low-fat milk and a cup of ginger tea

– Between breakfast and lunch, you can get a snack that is high in magnesium, and that is smoothie made of peanut butter, banana, and Greek yogurt

– And for your dinner, get salmon and baked potato

I need to be focused at work

Quick and Easy One Day Diet SolutionsIf you need to be on top of your game for work, you want to get more protein. There are amino acids in protein, like tyrosine for example, that make you mentally alert. I know most of you feel the pressure of reaching for a cup of coffee for extra energy. But caffeine can make you jittery, and further increase stress levels. Avoid white stuff like white sugar, white flour, and white pasta during the day. Instead, opt for whole-wheat carbs that metabolize more slowly. The goal here is to keep your blood sugar and energy even through the day. Vitamin C is also useful for keeping you alert during high-pressure situations.

– For breakfast, get scrambled egg whites, whole wheat cereal, and some orange juice

– Your lunch is taco salad, which is basically salad greens, kidney beans, and lean ground beef

– When you need extra energy boost, grab a low-fat bran muffin and water as snack

– By dinner, you will be home, and you can eat whatever you like.

I hope you liked going through my list of quick and easy one day diet solutions. What are your quick-fix food remedies to prep for an important occasion or major event? Would love to know about your diet solutions to get what you want. Please share your thoughts in comments below.

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