How to Prevent and Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Without a doubt, diabetes is a major problem world-wide. Sometimes the condition is caused by congenital factors and it cannot be cured. It can only be treated with insulin in this case. The other type of this disease can however be prevented and even cured in certain cases as it is mainly caused by lifestyle factors.

People with type 2 diabetes are mostly in that situation because of poor eating habits in the diet. The act of eating high sugar foods on a regular basis can disturb the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. Here are some tips to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes:

Prevention of Diabetes

Some forms of this disease are congenital, such as type one diabetes, and cannot be cured. Perhaps with stem cells or other innovative procedures, this will be possible someday. For now, we have what we have. The treatments don’t always work and usually insulin is required later on.

Type 2 diabetes can still be prevented. Prevention starts with a healthy diet. The diet needs to be high in fiber, fresh vegetables, and fruits as well as sources of lean protein. Sugar in the diet is fine only when done in moderation, as it can cause serious problems if consumed in large amounts. Knocking back sodas and candy has bad effects.

There are some good herbs to help with the situation. Bitter melon and CBD from hemp can both help to stabilize high blood sugar. Learn more about CBD from In addition to its ability to stabilize blood sugar, there are other positive effects as well, which work in the body to enhance immunity and all organ functions.

Treating Diabetes

When it comes down to finding the most effective treatment for your diabetes, there are many options. To begin with, your doctor may prescribe medication other than insulin in order to stabilize the blood sugar and relieve symptoms associated with high blood sugar and diabetes. The physician will continue to monitor you by advising and asking you to check your blood sugar levels daily.

The side-effects of these medications can be very harsh. For example, if they push your blood sugar too low, you could pass out or worse. While this mostly happens with insulin, it can also happen with medications for diabetes, such as metformin. CBD can help stabilize blood sugar to normal levels, when combined with a recommended diabetes diet.

Ultimately, you have to first cut out all of the sugar. You can still drink some juices, but even those can be too high in sugars. Consuming whole or raw fruits is thus a better option as whole fruits won’t boost the sugar levels too high. Low sugar and high protein is the way to go.

Living with Diabetes

If you have developed type two diabetes, you need to understand that it may be possible to reverse it. Since most cases like these are the result of a high sugar and high starch diet, those foods can be cut out gradually to get sugar levels back on track. Sugars and carbs alike can be addictive and often require a slow tapering to make the transition easier. It also helps if you have someone to help monitor and motivate you to stick to a balanced diet.

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