It’s no secret that every woman wants their man to look his best, which, more often than not, comes down to making sure he is well-dressed and groomed. After all, the way your husband, fiancé, or even boyfriend dresses is largely a reflection of your own fashion sense and personal tastes.

However, most men haven’t invested the time to curate their wardrobe for that GQ look and style, and there’s realistically little you, as his significant other, can do to change that. It’s a time and monetary investment, resources most men would prefer to allocate elsewhere in their lives. Nevertheless, there is one often under-valued characteristic that can completely transform your man’s look with little commitment – his hairstyle!

That’s right, a simple hairstyle or haircut overhaul can make any guy appear fashion-forward. According to MHT’s 35 New Hairstyles For Men in 2017 post, there are plenty of trendy and popular haircuts that are worth trying this new year. But it’s important to realize that certain cuts just work better for certain men; specifically guys with certain face shapes.

Because a style can work in conjunction with a man’s face shape to highlight facial bone structure or even narrow, widen, elongate, and/or shorten the appearance of the face, each shape requires a certain cut.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of face shapes and certain characteristics to look for when diagnosing your own face shape.

Oval Face Shape

New Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2017The oval face shape is considered to be one of the most ideal face shapes, primarily due to its symmetry and flexibility. This face shape provides the perfect equilibrium between length and width and, in doing so, is easily complimented by many hairstyles.

Round Face Shape

New Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2017The round face shape must be paired with styles that elongate the face without widening it. As such, hairstyles that follows the “short on sides long on top” fashion trend are highly recommended. Also consider coupling your hairstyle with a beard to cover soft facial lines.

Square Face Shape

New Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2017The square face shape should be accompanied with hairstyles that lift hair out of the face in order to draw attention to facial structure. Masculinity can be demonstrated in a number of ways, but there is no other natural body feature like a chiseled jawline that speaks to the male essence.

Oblong Face Shape

New Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2017Men with the oblong face shape should be weary of hairstyles that make the face even longer. Haircuts that are short and styled close to the face are suggested.

Diamond Face Shape

New Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2017The diamond face shape can be distinguished by wide cheek bones and a narrowing chin. Layered, voluminous hairstyles can provide a nice balance to pronounced cheeks. Adding a beard to this face shape can help soften pointed chin and allow a more gradual transition from cheek to chin.

Triangle Face Shape

New Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2017Lastly, the triangle face shape is notable due to its jawline protrusion. This contributes to the appearance of an upside down triangle and the bottom of the face, hence the name of the face shape. Keeping hair a little longer on the sides can ease away focus from the jawline.

For more detailed information, check out their infographic below to find out what hairstyle is right for your man!

New Hairstyles To Try in 2017


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