Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional primer review

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I hope you all are doing well and I am here enjoying Delhi winters. Oh God! It is so cold in Delhi. I am freezing in this cold. So, let’s talk about primers today. A lot of people still don’t use primers under their makeup, a lot of people don’t see the need of it, some find it too pricey or some don’t know what kind of primers they should use. A Primer is basically a product used to prepare your skin before applying foundation. Primers deal with redness, smoothing, filling out pores, for getting a glowing skin. Primers serve a lot of purposes; you just need to find one that suits your skin. Today I am going to review Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional primer. It is a budget friendly product easily available in India and works great.

Product description: 

Miss Claire studio perfect professional primer anti redness clear.

Apply before foundation for an unbelievably smooth complexion.


Cyclopentasiloxane / Dimethicone Cross polymer, Cyclopentasiloxane, Silica, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol

Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional primer reviewPrice:  325 for 30 ml

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance:

The product comes in a black and clear squeezable tube, the cap is black in color, you just have to open screw and get hold of the product. Due to clear tube. I can keep a check on the amount of product left in the tube. The packaging is very simple and nothing fancy or eye catchy. But it catches your eye, let me tell you why? The packaging is similar to NYX primer. Yes, ladies you heard me right

The packaging is travel friendly as it does not take much space in bag and leak proof.

The texture of the product is clear and has a gel like consistency. It is not runny nor too thick that it won’t spread on your face. It spreads very beautifully on face, like melted butter .it is very good quality of this primer, I must say. The finish that I get is worth every single penny.

The product does not have any kind of fragrance, what so ever.so, ladies with sensitive noses no need to worry about the scent.

My Experience with Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional Primer:

A lot of people don’t know about Miss Claire is that, it is a makeup brand, people only know this brand for making dupes of bigger and famous brands. This brand basically came into limelight when it made dupes of NYX liquid lipsticks, and from there I guess this brand only become more and more popular among people because of the quality it delivers at such a low price.

Coming back to Miss Claire primer, it comes in 2 shades clear and beige, I got the Clear one because beige was too light for me.

Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional primer reviewThe primer says that it covers redness, well it does not hides redness in any sense. I had redness due to pimples, I applied it over affected area but it didn’t change anything, it still looked the same.

If I talk about the claim made by this primer for smooth skin, yes it does that, it works amazing in smoothening out the face and provides you a clear canvas to put your foundation and the rest of the makeup.  I love the way it glides on my face and evens out the bumps and gives it is a silky smooth finish and my face feels very smooth when I touch it after the application of this primer. It gives a matte effect which really creates a good base for further makeup.

The primer gets absorbed in the skin very quickly within seconds and after application you can see the smooth effect on the face, which you achieve after using it. The primer does not fill intense pores, if you have any. The primer fills out the smaller pores but it fails in filling out deep pores which I have near my nose area, for that I have to depend on another primer.

I cannot say how good this primer is in filing out fine lines or wrinkles as I don’t have any.

This primer does not feel heavy on skin at all and I love it for that. You know those products, which gives me feeling that – hey, can you feel my weight on your skin? – Here I am sitting on your face! Those kinds of products annoy me a lot. And a lot of products feels like that. But this primer is so light weight, this is one of the reasons I love it. I literally don’t feel anything on my face after applying this.

If you are wondering that this primer will make your makeup last whole day then you are wrong, this primer keep your makeup on place for 7 to 8 hours after that you need to touch up your makeup.

Last but not the least, its price and its availability. The product is very budget friendly, I would say the cheapest primer available in India. Now, Miss Claire has spread its market, so it is easily available online and in few big stores if you are looking to get it offline.


  • It gives a matte effect

  • It makes skin smooth and silky

-It is pocket friendly

  • It is easily available

  • It is easy to carry around.

  • It fills out small pores.

  • It does not feel heavy on skin.

  • It does not make skin oily or cause breakouts.

  • The texture of the product is very silky, silicone like.


  • It does not conceal redness.

  • It does not fills out deep pores.

Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional primer R2B Rating: 3.5 /5

Overall Take:

Overall this primer is worth a try for those who are tight on budget but want to try new products and those who have never tried primer before and want see the effect of primer, should go for it.

The primer is really economical, travel friendly and makes skin beautiful. The primer does its job and keeps the skin bump-free, which makes application of foundation easier and it enhances the effect of foundation. Makes it last longer. It gives a matte effect and keeps the face oil-free too. It blends beautifully on face like second skin.

Written by Veena Kumari

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