h2Skin care and cosmetic industry, since inception have been trying to discover that perennial fountain of youth in the laboratory. Though, over the course of years, skin creams and anti-ageing potions have become more and more effective albeit expensive, the search for that magical potion that can actually transform your skin and restore your natural glory is still on.

The science of skin care and beauty, however, is much simpler than we all think and perceive. So, when it comes to that flawless beauty, its not just what you put on your skin that counts but what you put in your mouth rather matters more. Natural beauty comes not from the million dollar youth serum you put on your face but from the magnificent fruits and foods that nature gifts us with. 

Mangosteen: Miracle Beauty Fruit

sideMangosteen is one such beautiful tropical fruit that can actually do wonders to your skin. While, its amazing health and beauty benefits have been known to the natives in Southeast Asia and used by them for centuries, mangosteen as a scientifically proven beauty and health food is a recent discovery.

The fruit has two parts: a beautiful and bright purplish maroon shell surrounding an ultra soft snow white segments of ambrosial flesh. Also known as the ‘Queen of Fruits’ for its heavenly beauty, ethereal fragrance and delicate texture, the fruit is loaded with powerful antioxidants and youth giving phytonutrients.

Storehouse of Powerful Nutrients

 Xanthones, one of the most potent antioxidant ever known to mankind is found in large quantities in this small ethereal fruit. It is xanthones that provide the fruit with its magical beautifying and youth giving properties.

Other than xanthones, the fruit contains various other polynutrients such as catechins, polysaccharides, proanthocyanidins and sterols that also play a vital role in providing this fruit with its unparalleled medicinal qualities.

Xanthones: Most Potent Phytonutient

We all know, antioxidants fight free radicals that damage our cells. By repairing cell damage, they improve cell function. Now what makes xanthones different and more powerful than other antioxidants is their ability to work on all of our body systems.

As per recent research, xanthones possess tremendous beneficial “antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antituberculotic, antitumor, antiplatelet, Betaadrenergic blocking and … anticonvulsant” properties.

They are hence good for brain function, heart and lung function, immune system function, muscle and joint function and digestive function.

Purifies Blood for Natural Blush

As mangosteen improves digestive and respiratory function, the fruit not just act as a natural detox supplement but also purifies blood and fills it nutrients for a healthy and natural blush. Skin conditions such as eczema, acne, eye bags, crow’s feet, patchy skin, or dullness can all be cured by drinking mangosteen juice

Fight Skin Allergies

Another major benefit of mangosteen is the reduction of hives. Since, most of us live in polluted and contaminated environments, allergies and infections are common. With its anti allergic and anti inflammatory qualities, mangosteen can help us stay healthy and radiant both internally and externally.

Improves Skin’s Resilience and Radiance for Youthful Glow

Finally, what actually makes this fruit the ultimate youth elixir is its ability to improve skin strength. Its natural phytonutrients and antioxidants increase skin’s elasticity, stimulate collagen and enhance complexion to suffuse you with a youthful radiance and glory that is unmatchable by any skincare or cosmetic product.

So, if your quest is for natural beauty and not merely cosmetic beauty, trust me, you will hit the pot of gold by including this magical fruit in your daily diet.


Tip:  For maximum beauty benefits, try juicing the purple rind where most of the xanthones lie.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Like Noni, I used to drink the juice.

    • Aww…thats a great investment to your health and beauty. You must keep up with the good habit.

  2. I drink Xango juice. It’s more expensive than some other brands, but you really notice a difference in the taste and texture, so I think it’s worth it.

    • Wow…seems really great….nice u liked it..but unfortunately isn’t available in India..sigh…sigh..sigh..

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