Makeup Hacks That Will Speed Up Your Beauty Routine

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably never spent more than five minutes applying makeup simply because you never have enough time. We all want to step out of the house looking glamorous but most of the time we’ll be happy with just looking decent.

Whether in the morning, late afternoon or in the evening not having enough time is always an issue. I can’t remember ever sitting in front of a mirror for an hour doing my hair and makeup without being in a hurry. It can get really stressful not to mention the result might not be what you’ve expected. So, in order to avoid making a mess altogether, here are a few need-to-knows which will speed up your beauty and makeup routine and make your life much easier. 

Prepare in advance

Makeup Hacks That Will Speed Up Your Beauty RoutineThe best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly and avoid makeup mistakes is to prepare the night before. For example, getting ready for work early in the morning requires getting up even earlier and starting your routine. So, in order to cut this time short and sleep a bit longer, you need to start the night before. First, prepare your skin by removing dead skin cells with a peel pad then, apply a sleeping mask with hyaluronic acid or glycerin before bed and let it work its wonder overnight.

This night-time regimen will ensure waking up with a bright, healthy looking complexion.

Have all the tools ready

Makeup Hacks That Will Speed Up Your Beauty RoutineStop wasting your precious time running all over the place, trying to find the things you need. The chances are, you’ll probably forget half and the other half, you won’t be able to find. Help yourself by being organized and keeping everything you need in one place, preferably in front of the mirror. That way, you’ll be able to find whatever you need in a matter of seconds instead of going through tons of bags, drawers and other hidden places you like to bury your makeup essentials in.

Adjust for the seasons

Makeup Hacks That Will Speed Up Your Beauty RoutineOne very important thing is to adjust your makeup routine according to the current season. During the summer, you don’t want to sweat your heavy makeup off and end up looking like a clown by the end of the day. When it’s hot outside go for that fresh look by adjusting your makeup routine accordingly. Always use facial sun protection and avoid shadowed lids and mascara.

Instead, opt for a completely natural look, by using cream foundations. Pola Skincare offers this kind of lightweight foundation, which at the same time moisturizes and creates a glowing finish. There’s no need to spend all that time applying eyeliner and mascara in order for your eyes to pop out and you don’t need to worry about going to the bathroom every ten minutes and reapplying your makeup.

Three in One

Makeup Hacks That Will Speed Up Your Beauty RoutineThe use of your favorite product doesn’t need to be limited to just one simple function, rather than that, it can be used as a multi-purpose tool. You don’t really need your makeup bag filled with all kinds of things you don’t use, it’s messy and time-consuming. Always opt for a product which provides nourishment and coverage.

Most of the time, the lipstick is all you need to complete the entire look. It can be used as a blush and an eyeshadow depending on your skin tone and it’s sweat-proof as well. Combined with a touch of Vaseline it elevates the neutral look of matte into a glossy night time elegance.

Those dark times of not having enough time for the look you really wanted are long gone. Now, you can step out of the house looking fabulous without having to spend hours preparing. All you need is will and as you can see, there is definitely a way.

Written by Sophia Smith


  1. Perfect tips 🙂

  2. I love the idea of multitasking with makeup products. Lipsticks are yes so versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Great Tips 🙂

  3. Great tips and ideas here. Very helpful for easier make-up routine.

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