Latest Trends for Summer Fashion 2017

Summer is around the bend and it’s time to show off bright colors and this season, bring back that retro look. Explore something unique and re-invent yourself. From the no-holds-barred 80’s, stripes and floral, and bold colors, summer joy is simply oozing out of every inch.

Unlike the previous year, Summer fashion 2017 is new and evolving with its re-defining look with metallic effects, exaggerated lines and prints on bright colors like candy pinks and sunshine yellow. The spirit of the 80’s adoption can be seen in the literal aesthetic clothing and the mix ‘n’ match styling.

The best way to beat the heat is to splash around in a pool nearby. Choose simple and comfy clothing to go along with your swimwear and trendy sunglasses. It’s all about being fashion conscious but comfortable at the same time. Just wear your favorite bright colors and learn to mix ‘n’ match well.

What type of swimsuit would work for you?

Stay comfortable in a One Piece

Latest Trends for Summer Fashion 2017The one piece swimsuit has evolved over the years and can be found in many avatars. If you do not want to show too much skin , then the one-piece swimsuit is just right. Based on style and preference, you can look for a strapless option or one with mesh or cutouts. Try  floral, metallic and bright colors this season.

Beach-ready Bikinis

Sexy and beautiful, the bikini will get heads turn and you will be the center of attraction. Quite simply, you could be the conversation starter and bathe in the attention. The colors for summer fashion 2017 season are brought out more so with mesh designs and string bikinis. A word of caution is to try on your swimwear and secure it well before you head outdoors. Also, the Monokini has been doing the rounds and is quite popular this summer.

Dress to kill

Latest Trends for Summer Fashion 2017Carry your fashion out of the pool with the swim dress. Simply said, the swim-dresses are usually meant for plus sized women. But with its surge in popularity, it has become a fashion trend that has trickled down to all sizes. The best part of the more fashionable swim dresses is the seamless blend that could fool you into thinking it were any other dress.

Sensational Tankinis 

Latest Trends for Summer Fashion 2017Add more design and appeal with Tankinis as they bring out the added fun of a tank top with a bikini. The beauty of the tankinis is that they cover the midriff and still keeps the appeal of a bikini. The fun part about tankinis is that they are great to play beach sports and appeals to all age groups.

Summer also calls for some new tank tops and merchandise. How would you rock a new tank top?

Casual but appealing

Latest Trends for Summer Fashion 2017Pull on standard tank tops but be sure to add jackets and accessories to customize your look. Plain whites seem to making a comeback with long necklaces, adding scarves or layering up. They can be unisex but you can make them girly based on patterns. 

Chic and trendy

Wearing designer tank tops with short skirts and a buttoned down blouse is now a fad. Similarly, bright colored and bolder designs add to the flair of the accessories that can be used to doll up the tank tops. The fun part about tank tops is that it can be worn through sleep overs and late night parties.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shopping for summer fashion 2017!

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