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Fashion is a part of culture. Maybe you haven’t ever considered fashion in this context, but if you look at the clothing of people from different cultures, you will see that how they’re dressed reflects their culture as well. All the fashion scenes have something unique, and the one which we particularly adore is the one in India, since it stands out for many reasons.

India's Fashion Scene and What Makes it Stand Out

The perfect mixture of traditional and modern looks

Every time when we think of India and its fashion, our first thought is a colourful sari. Well, this is certainly one of its characteristics, however, we can notice that India’s fashion scene is changing fast, adopting new trends and perfectly incorporating them into traditional ones. Thus, we can see a wide variety of different and colourful outfits with all sorts of funky prints, as well as classic elegant combinations.

World famous designers

Aside from the mixture of traditional and modern trends, amazing Indian fashion designers are what makes their fashion stand out in the world. These up-and-coming young talents have helped India’s fashion become popular worldwide. Some of them are creating completely new and unique style, which defies both tradition and the mainstream style. And this leads us again to the importance of that perfect mixture of old and new, which we can witness on India’s fashion scene.

Celebrities are crazy about it

How can we see that a brand is successful? Easily, celebrities wear it. So, since many celebrities are crazy about the clothes of Indian designers, we can say without a doubt that they are extremely successful and renowned in the whole world. For example, celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are in love with Manish Arora’s clothes, which have amazing embellishments and attract a lot of attention. So, if you ever wear something form her collection, rest assured that you will be in the spotlight.

Indian style – perfect for weddings

The Indian wedding style is authentic and very elegant. So, if you’re planning a wedding and want it to be exotic, you should go for this kind of look. There are many successful styling companies, stylists and bloggers, like Bridelan India and the Crimson Bride, which can plan your wedding to be chic and glamorous. You can go for romantic floral prints, or something funkier which will suit your outgoing personality. No matter what you chose, one thing is certain, this style will add a unique touch to your special day.

Silk and cotton

The fact that India is the second largest producer of silk and the third largest producer of cotton is another thing which makes India’s fashion scene stand out. Naturally, the majority of designers use these high-quality fabrics, which are much better-looking and healthier for our skin than synthetic ones. While in other countries, we can witness a backlash on traditional fabrics, India sticks to what is good and natural.

Indian clothes are both practical and beautiful

Not only do Indian clothes look amazing, but they’re also very practical. Firstly, nothing will make you feel better during the hot days than clothes made of lightweight materials. Since the climate in India is hot, the people have there for centuries manufactured clothes that can help a person stay cool. For this reason, in the summer we all choose Indian over western clothes, which are usually tight and not suitable for hot weather. Additionally, Indian clothes suit women of all ages and body shapes; They can all feel beautiful in comfortable dresses made of natural materials.

As you can see, the Indian fashion scene is truly a work of art. Thanks to its tradition and amazing designers, India has become one of the world-famous manufactures and its style has been widely accepted all around the world.

Written by Emma Lawson

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