Have you ever wondered why all weddings are so alike? Every year, we attend dozens of similar wedding ceremonies and receptions, observe similarly dressed brides and grooms, get fascinated with similar decorations and enjoy similar music, food and drinks. It seems that, attempting to plan a flawless wedding that everyone would like, we completely forget about our own tastes, wishes and interests.

How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

If you are now racking your brains about the perfect wedding organization that will make your guests speechless, all you have to do is to relax and think of the wedding you have always dreamed of. This is YOUR day, meant for celebrating the eternal love between you and your special someone, thus your own preferences are what counts the most.  Here are some of most creative ways to personalize your wedding ceremony and make it unforgettable.

Organize brief pre-ceremony toast
One of the most amazing ideas to personalize your wedding is to plan a brief, pre-ceremony toast. That’s a great opportunity for your guests to introduce themselves and mingle, which would later create much hospitable atmosphere. Most importantly, after a cocktail or two, both you and your guests will be more relaxed and proceed to the formal part of the wedding with ease.

How to Personalize Your Wedding CeremonyYour own WOW vows

Is there anything more personal than reading the vows you wrote on your own? Although it sometimes looks like a super-romantic movie or book scene, writing your own, unique vows is the most heartwarming part of the wedding that will leave everyone speechless. Instead of copying one of those kitschy, generic promises that appear everywhere, you should speak from your heart and say what you really feel. You could choose a traditional form of vows or something funny and quirky.

Choose meaningful processional music

How to Personalize Your Wedding CeremonyEvery couple has its own special song. No matter if it is the tune that was playing when you first met, danced or kissed, it tells your love story in the best possible way. That is exactly why you should never be ashamed to play it during your wedding ceremony. Moreover, make it your processional song. Whatever it is, from Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd to Celine Dion, your guests will love the idea!

Page boy and flower girl outfits

How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony
Is there anything more adorable than having a page boy and a flower girl at your wedding ceremony? Having a boy to carry your train and a girl to spreading the petals in front of you will bring a traditional tone to your wedding and make it more interesting. In order to make this part of the ceremony even more amazing, you could look for über-cute, stylish boys’ suits and girls’ dresses that would make the entire wedding vivacious.

Design aisle on your own

We all know that a white runner and flower petals are both stylish and classical wedding tradition, but aren’t you intrigued to create something at least a little bit different and original? There is a wide range of creative wedding aisle runners, from breath-taking ombre gradient petal and calligraphed ones to having custom designed, neon wedding backdrop, while decorating existing paths and boardwalks to really jazz up your aisle and decor.

Set the mood with right lighting

Sometimes, you would be surprised to know how important lighting is for setting the right mood. What’s most amazing about the choice of lighting is that you can select it on your own. It could be anything you like, from colorful scented candles and paper lanterns to classy chandeliers and bistro lights.

Cool wedding photography

Did you know that there are millions of amazing and highly artistic wedding photography styles? All you need to do is to hire a professional and experienced photographer. Absolutely everything, from classical portraiture, dramatic high fashion to romantic vintage and crazy trash the dress photography style is available to you.

All in all, there is nothing more fulfilling than saying “I do” in the atmosphere you like, surrounded by your dearest ones. These are just some of thousands of super-creative ideas to personalize your wedding. All you need to do is to think of the wedding of your dreams and make it true. Remember, you should never let your dreams stay just dreams.  The world is yo

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