cartoonWhenever, it came to attending parties or special occasions, I had always been that helpless chicken running around in all different corners of my house with my head cut off, trying to get both myself and my stuff together for the party.

Now you can well imagine, how tough it would have been for me to look calm and glamorous for the occasion in a scenario like this. The more I tried to make an impact, the worse it made me look. One fine evening, while relaxing at home, I got a call from my hubby regarding an urgent party to attend. 

He was already on his way to pick me up and I had only 30 minutes to put it all together. The right hair, the right makeup, the right outfit, shoes, accessories…and only 30 minutes! What I got to do? I was close to a nervous breakdown, when I asked myself to relax.

I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and started getting ready. Would you believe, it took me just 15 minutes in looking beautiful! And the best part, I was relaxed for the function.

Now here is a quick guide that helped me and can help you too for getting ready fast and looking great for any party or event:

 Ø Think of a Ready to Wear Outfit:

Women can take hours just deciding about what to wear and then getting their outfit ready. When time is the essence, quickly brainstorm your ready to wear options. By ready to wear, I mean an outfit that does not take long time to wear and preps like ironing, polishing or careful accessorizing.


Ø Forget the Face Pack and Rub Your Face with an Ice Cube:

Obviously, when out of time, you cannot enjoy the luxury of a face pack or a mask. However, you can still do your tired skin a favor by rubbing an ice cube or splashing cold water on your face. This instantly brightens your face by improving blood circulation. Added advantage is, it also shrinks pores making your skin look smoother.


Ø Be Creative with Your Natural Hair Texture:

Forget straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, and hot rollers; be creative and work with your natural hair texture for a unique look. Try changing partition, making a chic pig tail or a chunky plat at one side. A catchy accessory like a statement head band or a clutch can also do the trick.


Ø Three Step Make-up Formula:

Make-up can definitely make you pull your best face forward but actually, all what you need to keep your face looking beautiful is a simple three-step formula:

1. Tinted Moisturizer: With moderate coverage and a peachy glow, tinted moisturizer can take care of your moisturizing, foundation and blusher needs. And it is so easy to apply!

2. Mascara: A bit of a mascara can go a long way and you can easily forget all other eye makeup.

 3. Lip Gloss: Pick a glossy lip stick over a lip color and gloss to save time and look awesome.


Ø Spray Perfume and Accessorize:

Finally, spray perfume, bring on your statement necklace, slip into those sexy pair of stilettoes and there you go!


So lovelies, you don’t need any glam squad to get ready and prepped. When time is a struggle, remain calm, use common sense and follow the above rules to look flawless and fab in just a matter of few minutes!

Tip: When in hurry always use powdered makeup products over creamy and liquid ones.

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Written by Anshulika Chawla

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