improve your outfit by changing your shoes

In order for your outfit to be complete, you need to wear a pair of shoes that not only complement it but also make it better. That is why you must always take the time to find the best shoes that work well with your top as well as your bottom and also enhance your outfit.

Finding a shoe that improves your outfit is not always easy. But once you know the look that you are looking for and the occasion, it becomes easier to select a shoe to go with the outfit. There are some facts about shoes that can help you here. For example, if you are looking for a more formal look, heels are better than flats. At the same time, a shoe does not have to be an expensive one to do the trick. Even a shoe acquired using discount codes can do wonders as long as you choose the right one.

When it comes to choosing the right shoe, you can either choose to blend it with your outfit or contrast it. A more conservative person might want to go for a more subtle shoe while a less conservative person might want shoes that scream for attention. It’s all about tastes and preferences.

Here are some of the ways you can improve your outfit by changing your shoes:

1. Making your shoes the focal point

make shoes your focal pointOne of the ways in which your shoes can really enhance your outfit is when they are very bold or interesting while the rest of your outfit is deliberately subdued. This means that if your outfit does not have too much pattern, you can take it a notch higher with some colorful complex shoes.

2. Avoid too much color matching

improve your outfit by changing your shoesIf you want your shoes to improve your outfit, don’t wear one color from top to bottom. So if you are wearing a blue skirt and a blue blouse, blue shoes just wouldn’t improve your look. A different colored shoe is the way.

3. Standard colors are great for a professional look

improve your outfit by changing your shoesIf you are wearing a formal outfit, the best way to improve it is to go for standard color shoes. If you are a conservative person or work at a conservative office, black or brown shoes are a good choice. But that does not mean that you cannot incorporate color, especially if you are going to an office that is less strict.

4. Choose brighter shoes if your outfit is plain

improve your outfit by changing your shoesIf you are dressed in an outfit that is plain, you can add some zest to it by wearing shoes that are brighter and bolder. Alligator skin shoes are an example of shoes that can improve a plain outfit such a pair of neutral trousers or a simple blouse.

5. Flats can also be stylish

improve your outfit by changing your shoesAlthough we consider flats mostly for their comfort, there are some ways flats can be stylish as well. For example, a knee-length skirt or a pair of shorts can go very well with flat shoes. Flats are also suitable for a more outgoing style because of their different designs and prints.

Your shoes are an integral part of your general outlook. That means that you have to take the time to ensure that you choose the right shoes to go with your outfit. These tips should help you improve your outfit by changing your shoes.

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  1. Nice tips for choosing shoes. I am usually afraid to try bold colors in shoes and just stick with the plain black, white and ivory ones 😀

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