5 Tips for Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day

With the kind of dynamic lifestyle the modern era imposes on people, it is often a big challenge remaining healthy and knowing how to “charge one’s batteries” to keep pushing through… well, pretty much everything. However, there are a few things that every person can do which simply cannot fail when it comes to gathering energy and using it wisely.

1 – Exercise
how to have lasting energy-exerciseThere is no doubt that one of the best way to start your day with a strong influx of energy is to… move! If possible, try to incorporate some kind of physical activity (or a variety of activities, if you prefer to keep things fresh) into your morning routine. It will help you shake off sleepiness, boost a healthy appetite, and get the blood running through your body so your day can continue with the same amount of dynamic and energy accompanying you throughout the rest of your schedule.

Of course, you are free to adjust this morning activity to your personal taste. Some people like to mark their sunrise by playing their favorite songs and a nice, long dance number, while others go out for a jogging session, a quick swim or a pilates class. Whatever keeps you going!

2 – Nutritious meals

nutritious meals to have lasting energyThis is a piece of advice that has been given thousands of times and one that people are reminded about on a daily basis. Still, in spite of that, a huge percentage of the world population neglects it and its powerful influence. Investing a bit more effort into having high-quality meals as often as one can pays off in a myriad of ways. One of the great advantages is certainly that carefully prepared and nutritious food gives the body what it needs to remain strong and healthy. This is especially important during periods of season changes, when our immune system seems to be more vulnerable to malicious impacts.

If you want to maintain your energy levels high up and your mind sharp and focused, load your kitchen and refrigerator with sources of vitamins, protein, fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, etc. Limit the consumption of foods that contain saturated fat and simple carbohydrates, and instead opt for the sources of unsaturated fat and complex carbohydrates. Needless to say, overeating should be regarded as a bad habit; adequate portion sizes ought to be maintained.

3 – Use of supplements

supplements to have lasting energyAnother way to help yourself remain energized throughout daily activities and stay on the go is to begin using dietary supplements. It is well known that quite often what we eat, however healthy, may not be providing us with the right amount of specific nutrients the body actually needs. In such cases, supplements come to rescue, though it ought to be stressed that they are only supposed to be used to enrich our nutrition, not as a substitute for actual, healthy meals.

Mostly people equip themselves with top-notch supplements to make up for a possible deficiency in the intake of vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants, such as the powerful Australian NaturalCare coenzyme Q10, which also helps the heart. The combination of good nutrition and the responsible use of such supplements supports the immune system and is highly invigorating.

4 – Balanced sleep routine

Balanced sleep routine for lasting energyThe true importance of sleep is seen best on those days when a person spends a sleepless night and is forced to face the consequences. Grumpiness, moodiness, lack of appetite, the inability to concentrate, unwillingness to socialize, headaches, and lack of energy are only part of that unpleasant aftermath. Proper sleep hygiene has an unimaginably great impact on our energy levels and therefore should be maintained as much as possible. Getting enough sleep every night prevents the annoying feeling of weakness and contributes to feeling refreshed and ready for the following day.

It is wise to establish a sleeping schedule, which would involve going to sleep at more or less the same time every night, and waking up at approximately the same time every day. Naturally, the quality of sleep matters as well, so try to create a noise-free environment where you feel genuinely comfortable, and keep your phone and similar devices off or in a different room.

5 – Detoxing from technology and electronic devices

Detoxing from technology and electronic devicesAs previously mentioned, switching electronic devices off during sleep is a huge plus. However, nighttime is not the only time this particular action can contribute to how energized one is during the day. It’s quite common for so many to unnecessarily spend a lot of time on a phone or a computer. Being exposed to the internet and the world of technology in general for such a long time every day can indeed be very exhausting, and sometimes people don’t even notice how much. It’s a constant input of (useful or useless) information, which requests a certain amount of energy.

Taking a step back and reducing the amount of time spent staring at a screen is therefore a good way to save strength and focus for other, more important or more enjoyable things. So, for those who crave an extra energy boost in their everyday life, a digital detox is a good idea to consider.

These, as well as many other options available out there will keep you strong on your way to your goals. Just choose those which are the most suitable for your personal lifestyle and which you think will be the most efficient in your specific circumstances.

Written by Sophia Smith


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