Why is makeup so popular? It’s simple: makeup allows us to play with colours and temporarily change the way we look. We can beautify ourselves, make certain features more or less pronounced without the use of needles and scalpels, wash it all off in the evening, and try something new the following day. All over the world, the ideas of what is beautiful change and grow, and with them do the makeup trends. Do you know how women on the other side of the planet emphasize their beauty?

3D lashes in Russia

3D Lashes

False eyelashes make your eyes dramatic without having to use a lot of makeup t achieve the effect. Instead of using natural hair like it has been trend so far, synthetic fiber makes 3D lashes extreme, super soft, and incredibly lightweight. Follicle is not weighed down, and so women can go as far as applying up to six lashes to each natural one. Can you imagine how dramatic and over-the-top look this gives you? Russian women are in love with it and the trend is not a passing one, it seems.

Doll face in Japan

Doll face in Japan

Japan has always considered pale skin beautiful, so women in Japan use a lot of sunscreen in order to protect their skin from sun. Umbrella on a sunny day is not a fashion statement, but an attempt to keep natural beauty. Also, to emphasize the paleness of their skin and bring their eyes in focus, women wear rosy blush high under their eyes. There is no need for strong lines or countering, subtle touch of soft pink makes their faces doll-like, rounder and younger.

Full brows in UK

full brows in UK

Unlike eyebrow trends from previous decades when it was considered attractive to have high-arched thin brows, full, lush brow is the hottest trend these days. A bit of an arch is still kept, but well-defined, bold brows can be seen everywhere: on fashion runways and in the streets alike. Eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels are used to give them beautiful colour, and different brushes and tweezers to shape them so that they would frame the face just the right way.

Permanent makeup and skin treatments in Australia

Getting tattoos on your face may sound crazy, but cosmetic tattooing is popular in Australia where women choose to have their eyebrows, lips, and eyelids tattooed. By choosing to have permanent makeup, women do not worry that their makeup will be smeared all over their face on a hot day.

permanent makeup

Blue light therapy is getting very popular, too. It is a facial treatment where linear led lighting is used to treat acne. Other extremely popular skin treatments in Australia include laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.

Youthful lower eyelids in South Korea

Aegyo sal trend in South Korea is so popular, that women use sticky tapes, makeup tricks, and even plastic surgery to achieve the look. Under eye bags make the eyes ‘pop’ out, giving men and women more youthful look. It’s not the same bags under your eyes that make you look tired, Aegyo-sal is all about puffy lower eyelid that gives the eyes friendlier look and makes you look like you’re smiling. Big eyes have always been considered beautiful, and Aegyo-sal trend is just another way to draw attention to them.

eye lid surgery

We witness changes in makeup trends every year, sometimes even every season, but the ideal of beauty are often difficult to change. Beautiful, glowing skin, and genuine smile will probably never go out of style. When it comes to other things – experiment a bit, you will never know what looks good on you unless you try it.


Written by Amy Goldsmith

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  1. Bold brows are my favorite 🙂

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