The holidays are already knocking at our doors, and we cannot help but keep wondering: “Where did all our money go”. The holiday fever has emptied our pockets while buying presents for our friends, family, partners and kids, and now there is almost nothing left.Holidays are also the time when we should treat ourselves for how good we were through all the year, and there is no better way of doing it than by buying some fabulously stylish clothes. We all have to look our best during those jolly days. Now you might ask yourself how you could do that when you have already spent all of your money. No worries, here are a few tips how to look great for a bargain.

The Holiday Look for Ladies

For the upcoming holidays you can update some of your old pieces. If you have the classic and perfect-for-every-occasion little black dress and other essential pieces, you do not even have to try that hard. With a couple of different accessories you will alter the look completely. Buy some cool fashion tights with interesting patterns (stripes, floral, dots, etc.) to give the dress an edge. Be bold and innovative with new fall/winter 2015-2016 accessories trends of chockers around the neck (preferably golden), breastplate necklaces, drop earrings, bauble bracelets, single earrings, geometric jewelry and lots of pearls. You can always opt for vintage style and equip yourself in a consignment store.

Frugal and fabulous holiday style1

The Holiday Look for Mothers-to-be

Maternity wear can be quite an unwanted investment, because you will need it for just a couple of months, especially when it comes to clothing for some special occasions such as holidays. By purchasing clothes online on a website such as you will be able to save a lot of money while not depriving yourself of a stylish-mama quality. Search for elegant pieces like maternity dress pants, but also look for the ones you will be able to wear after pregnancy, like various tunics, blouses, shirts and dresses. Embrace stretchy materials, like lycra and cotton. Opt for monochromatic outfit with pops of color through accessories.

Frugal and fabulous holiday style2

The Holiday Look for Men

A gentleman must look classy for holidays. How can he achieve that without desolating his wallet? The safest bet is to opt for one color palette. Three essentials to guide him should be: shoes/boots, belt and blazer. Three basic colors to choose from are: black, grey and brown. Once you choose the basics, everything else will be easier, and cheaper. If you are not a blazer guy, you can opt for a Christmas jumper. Just do not go overboard with the jolly spirit. And yes, reindeers are overboard, in case you are wondering. A pair of ordinary jeans paired up with a blazer will be great for some relaxed gathering, while dress pants and shirt are a better option for formal occasion.

Frugal and fabulous holiday style3

The Holiday Look for Children

With kids it is much easier. You can go from simple to fancy, while still looking cute. Just decide for one style and be persistent. If you want your children to be casual dressy, opt for a pair of jeans. It can be some old pair where you will sew on some holiday-inspired patches. Little girls will look adorable in DIY tutu skirts, and for boys you can always adorn the pair of jeans with Christmas-inspired suspenders, and why not, even a bow tie? Most of the items you need you can make by yourself, while some can be bought at really affordable prices on sales or in thrift stores, or exchanged with friends or relatives who have kids the similar age.

Frugal and fabulous holiday style4

The holiday spirit is the most important, and the holiday spirit is all about giving. Still, you have to reward yourself and get your holiday stylish groove on. As you see, that does not even have to be very expensive.


Written by Cristina


  1. Crazora at Reply

    Wow these are the perfect outfits for Christmas. Specially the woman outfits. Those were stunning. And accessories are making the outfits a complete look.
    I think red long cotton kurtis would also be a nice choice for ethnic look.

  2. I love these pics, Cristina! Also, this sounds like the perfect way to stock up on party trends.

  3. Anajali Sinha at Reply

    The holiday looks you have shared are mesmerizing. And I love the maternity clothes you have shown the most.

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