Have you noticed how recently the whole world seems to have gone glam, or at least has been trying to go glam?

It’s pretty ironic how we got accustomed to putting makeup wherever we go only to now witness the emerging trend of #nomakeup and #iwokeuplikethis becoming the new big thing. Truth is, no matter how happy we get with this trend, the truth behind it is something else.

Flawless Looks - How Does She Do It?The gorgeous style and beauty icons we look up to like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Wilde, Adriana Lima… and many others have “blessed” us with their no-makeup-selfies promoting the healthy, #nomakeup look that should encourage young women to have self-esteem and believe in their natural beauty.

In theory, this works perfectly. The reality is quite different. At least for us who only read Celebbuzz and aren’t featured in it.

For all of you who went along with the idea of celebrities actually splashing their no-makeup-faces over the internet, and then felt so bad that your #nomakeup selfies didn’t look nearly as good, you need to stop feeling down and this is why.

To look flawless, you need money. A lot of it.

Celebrities have unimaginable amounts of money to spend on beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures like laser blemish spots removal, evening out darker/lighter skin spots, face massages, relax face massages, diamond masks (these cost up to 7000$ per treatment, Mila Kunis is known to indulge these beauty sessions), Vampire Facelifts (Kim Kardashian loves these, they cost about 2000$ per session), cellulite and stretch marks laser removal, liposuction, body massages, personal trainers, fillers, botox, fake lashes made of natural fibers, brow extensions, hair extensions, organic spray tans (of high quality, not the orange ones you get for 10$ per session), high quality makeup… only to mention a few.

Flawless Looks - How Does She Do It?With that much money, you are given the opportunity to enhance your natural beauty and nurture it in best ways possible.

However, since neither of us mere mortals has access to that much money, we can settle to the quality and less expensive treatments and makeup routines that will help us look our gorgeous selves. This is how:

  1. Make beauty and health a lifestyle

As long as you are trying to look good just for someone else to notice it, you won’t feel as gorgeous as you really are. The trick to looking wonderful is feeling the same.

Once you turn your beauty and health routines into a lifestyle you’ll see both your body and mind flourish. Have a mental image of who you are and/or want to become and work hard to get there.

  1. Exercise regularly

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson said “Do you know why celebrities look as good? They never skip their workout sessions!” Well, let this be your inspiration!

  1. Be yourself

Don’t model yourself after any celebrity. May the celebrities be these sweet role models you look up to but let your inner self find its way. Find your path to beauty, “steal” celeb ideas on how to mix and match clothing (if you feel like you can’t do it yourself) and see yourself become this confident #nomakeup and #iwokeuplikethis person who was in you the whole time.Flawless Looks - How Does She Do It?

  1. Invest in yourself

There is nothing wrong with investing in skin care products, hair products, high quality makeup, treatments you can afford – I always choose from Alive Skin + Hair products especially since I have a very demanding skin. Also find an experienced hairdresser… just don’t do it for anyone else but your personal gain.

After all, investing in ourselves is the best investment we can make!

Become comfortable with who you are and in no time you’ll look absolutely stunning! Turning heads won’t be Beyonce’s thing only anymore, but yours too!

Written by Cristina


  1. Looking beautiful doesn’t come natural for most girls I’m afraid and yeah, money has a lot to do with it, haha. But so do commitment and determination.

  2. I think looking flawless has to come from within it is a balance between diet, exercise and a good beauty regimen along with thinking beautiful thoughts.

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  3. I wish i had a healthy skin..Swear to god I would not have touched makeup then . I love no makeup look..

  4. Good post.
    The key to good skin is food. Eating clean will clear up your skin
    Also good skincare is key.

  5. very well said.. investing in ourselves is really the best investment..


  6. Very true..beautiful post dear 🙂


  7. Nika at Reply

    Hi girls!
    Just wanted to thank you for your comments on my post. It was my first post on Road 2 Beauty and I hope you’ll get to read more of my stuff here in the future. Anshulika’s been a wonderful “host” and I want to thank her the most for having me here! Happy blogging! Nika x

    • U welcome Nika. For sure look forward to see more of stuff from you. Its pleasure to have you with us.


  8. Well said babe! <3


  9. Well written post..Staying stress free is also important,which is the most difficult thing..

  10. June at Reply

    I so agree that when you have tonnes of money, its much easier to look good. You have given some great tips. I have a few rich friends who do a lot of things you’ve mentioned celebs do which is why they look impeccable. I just joined a gym today and I’ve always been fond of very light makeup and go makeup free very often so hopefully I’ll look like a million bucks once the results of my exercise show

  11. that’s an amazing post dear…..


  12. Manisha at Reply

    loved reading it too!


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