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This winter, layering is moving to the next level. The more you layer up, the more chic you will be. Layering does not necessarily have to mean the choice of function over fashion. Puffer jackets and bulkier knits will make you look like a snowman, while multiple thin layers, if combined wisely, will help you find balance between comfort and style.

Choosing the right materials, like fur, faux-fur, tweed, leather, cashmere, velvet, velour, or corduroy, will add warmth to your body. On the flipside, avoid synthetic fibers as they will make you sweat, while cotton will absrob sweat, none of which is chic.

Consider some of our suggestions and look your best throughtout the season.

Begin with Basics

Basic pieces can be worn for workouts and for nights on the town and they make layering easier. The turtleneck makes a grand return this winter. Wear it underneath your summer dress to make it an all-year-round item, or with jeans and a blazer. It substitutes a scarf.


Another perfect piece to serve as a base for all layering outfits is a long-sleeve grey shirt. Throw a wrap cardigan over it, for the transitional period. Boyfriend jeans allow extra layers underneath them so, when it is really freezing outside, pair them with fleece-lined tights.

Play with Lengths

Part of fun with layering is to play with different lengths. Besides the standard combinations of shorter sleeves over longer sleeves, try pairing two dresses, or a skirt and a petticoat as the inner layer peeking out just a little bit. Tops come with various length sleeves and you can wear as many layers as feels comfortable. Wearing a skirt over pants is very popular these days. Go also for asymmetric styling.


Show Some Skin

This rule applies to milder winters. Expose some skin at your ankles, by wearing culottes or cropped pants, or at your décolletage, with a low-cut neckline. This will perfectly contrast the heavy winter clothes. Do not be afraid to wear fitted clothing beneath the bulky overclothes, especially if you have been working out. Search and buy chic slinky dresses online and accentuate your best areas.


Add Accessories

Winter accessories do not just add the finishing touch to your outfit, they protect you from frostbite. From beaded oversized wool beanies, chunky turbans, felted hats, fur-lined ear warmers, to berets, chic headwear comes in all sorts and shapes. You can choose between various gloves, or mittens. They are made of leather, suede, plush, or knitted. If you do not like the feeling of your fingers being cramped, opt for flip-top mittens or bohemian style fingerless gloves.


Scarf is a must-have accent piece. Draping a plaid blanket scarf around your neck and shoulders will add additional layer of warmth and style. Infinity scarf is the latest chic invention – sewed or knitted. Bright-red silk blend scarf will stand out against a depressing grey coat. To keep your toes and legs cosy, combine fleece-lined tights, slouchy leg warmers, or knee-high socks with gum boots.

Brighten up

Brighten up your winter look with bold radiant colours. Colours will add style to comfort and warmth. On a gusty day, an accent piece in a vibrant shade or with unusual print is enough to bring you vibrant mood.

How do you bundle up on a cold winter day? Share your style and ideas in comment section below.


Written by Cristina


  1. perfect tips for layering… 🙂

  2. Nika at Reply

    Glad you agree. Please share some of your ideas on layering! 🙂
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