Dress for success: Job Interview Fashion Tips

Going in for a job interview is stressful enough as it is so why add drama by failing to dress professionally and risk ruining your opportunity for a corner office?

Fright not. You’ve probably been in the business market for way to long and you’re familiar with a few business dress-codes, so you’re good. But, even if you’re new to the whole thing, there’s no reason to panic – we’ve got you covered.

Here is a breakdown of tips to adopt if you are interviewing for a job – the first, or a hundredth time in a row:

Job Interview Fashion Tips:

Mind your hygiene

Regardless of your gender, your hygiene must be on point – otherwise, you may as well leave immediately.

Dress for success: Job Interview Fashion TipsPrior to going to the interview, have a shower, wash your hair and brush your teeth. Always be minty fresh – you never know how close to you your interviewer may get. Don’t use perfume that’s too strong.

Women – don’t ever go with party makeup on, on an interview (unless you are being interviewed for a strip club, that is). Keep the makeup neutral and go for the “no makeup makeup look”.

Men – Get a haircut and shave your beard or trim it. No arguments.

Stay wrinkle-free

Dress for success: Job Interview Fashion TipsNo matter the quality of your attire, what you wear must be ironed and clean. Make sure you prepare the outfit a few hours prior the interview or the day before – otherwise, there’s always a chance you’ll get the nerves and suddenly become totally incapable of getting the outfit ironed. Hey, it happens to the best of us and it’s totally normal!

Wear smart clothes

Dress for success: Job Interview Fashion TipsIt’s great that you love making a statement with your style and that you are all about showing the world what you are made of but, maybe you should save that for after the interview, hm? Yes, definitely.

Keeping your individuality on point is great as long as that individuality is reduced to accents; for the interview, dress by the code that’s expected of you and understand that this has nothing to do with giving up on what you believe in but rather – respecting what you are getting into. After all, your employer is expecting you to be able to separate the professional from private – don’t fail them.

Choose your attire depending on the office culture; if things are business casual, go with a semi-smart outfit like dark pants/jeans, a shirt and a jacket. If things are business smart – rely on your gentleman and ladies suits for effect. If, however, you are applying for a job somewhere artistic – honor the artsy vibe. It’s all about agreeing with the company’s vibe.

Adjust the attitude

Dress for success: Job Interview Fashion TipsThe attitude you bring to the interview may just be one of the most important, if not THE most important aspects of your interview. Each and every employer loves to see a person oozing confidence and determination to succeed. Don’t ever (and we mean EVER) let them see you are desperate to get the job. No, that doesn’t mean playing cocky and adopting the I-am-better-than-this attitude but simply acting as someone who would love the opportunity to show them how amazing they can be when trusted with the right set of commitments.

Be relaxed and positive, and make them believe you are the best candidate for the position. When they ask you why they should choose you over everyone else, nail them with a wave of confidence “Because I am the person you want on your team – I’ll work for you and with you to make this company an even more grand entrepreneurship than it already is. And I’ll give my all”… or something like that. You’ll knock them out!

Good luck on your interview! And remember – you can do this!

Written by Diana Smith

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