Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner shade black review

Hello beautiful angels,

This is my first post on this amazing blog and I am ready to begin my road trip to beauty world. I hope you like my cheesy humor. I thought to review about my current favorite eyeliner that is Coloressence supreme eyeliner in shade black. If you are a student then you will definitely know the pain of less pocket money and a huge bucket list. Recently I ran out of my eyeliner and needed one and then I found this. I am not a huge fan of this brand but it offers decent makeup products within budget price. I have been using this eyeliner from past one month and really like the finish I get from it. So, enough of chatting now and lets get started with the review. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Review

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner shade black reviewProduct description: 

“Coloressence supreme eyeliner is a state of the art eyeliner with a unique fast dry formula that has a smooth flow and apt application which is water resistant & lasts all day without smudging or flaking. 


Active ingredients: PVPK-30, Glycerine

Price & quantity:

INR 125 for 6 ml

Shelf Life:                 

36 months


Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner in shade blackThe product comes in a small black color plastic bottle with a long silver cap in which the liner wand is fixed. I really liked the packaging though especially the long silver shiny cap. The packaging is very sweet, simple and elegant. The cap secures tightly on its place, which makes it leak proof, ofcourse ladies we don’t want black color in our handbags. Being small in size, it does not take much space and is convenient to carry around. The small bottle bears the full name of the product that is Coloressence full extend.

Consistency, color and scent:

If I talk about the consistency, it is of course runny liquid.

The color of the product is pitching black which appears a little bit glossy.

The eyeliner literally has no smell, may be a little-bit chemical like most other usual cosmetic products but nothing strong. Usually scent of product does not bother me until and unless it is very strong and get on my nerves.


Well, I am really impressed with the quality of the product. I am a huge fan of eyeliners. I love eyeliners and this one product I would love to pick if given a choice. The soft and thin applicator brush makes the application very easy and convenient. The brush picks up the right amount and the product glides very smoothly on the eyes. The color of the product is pitch black and it dries off very quickly within seconds which is a very good quality of this liner. I really like those eyeliners which dry of very quickly because I always mess up with my liners if they take hell lot of time in drying.

The eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger as it pops out of my eyes as I have small eyes. It really enhances them and makes them look bigger and brighter.

The best thing about Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner is, it is matte. I love products which have matte effect. Even after drying the color does not turn dark grey, it remains pitch black. There are few eyeliners which turn dark grey shade after drying. The eyeliner is not waterproof, which is a con. The eyeliner lasts for good six hours after which, it starts to smudge.

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner in shade black swatchesHowever, if you have oily eyelids then it will last for about 4-5 hours. And if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes or touching your eyelids quite often, the eyeliner will come in your hands.

But considering the price and quality of this price it is quite affordable and the quality is also very good, given the fact it is non waterproof eyeliner.

It is easily available in market and online too and people won’t be having much problem on finding this product.

Well, I hardly get any kind of allergies or side effects from any products; same is the case with this product. It has not caused me any kind of allergy or side effect.


  • Easily available
  • Very affordable, pocket friendly
  • Dries very quickly
  • .Gives matte effect
  • Very dark color
  • Applicator brush is very soft, precise
  • Last for 5 to 6 hours
  • User friendly packaging 


  • Not waterproof
  • Smudges after few hours

R2B Rating: 3.5/5

Overall Take:

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner shade black reviewOverall, Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner is a nice product that is highly affordable and easily available. It lasts long and if you don’t touch your eyes, it can last for longer hours. It is easy to removes as it is non waterproof eyeliner, a simple eye makeup remover can clean it. The only drawback is that it smudges. I really like the color which I get from this eyeliner. It really brightens up my eyes and makes them look brighter and lively.

Written by Veena Kumari


  1. Ilike dark colors of eyeliner. Such a great review.

    • veena kumari at Reply

      thank you..i m glad you liked it

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