You wedding day is approaching rapidly, and there’s a good chance some of you ladies rely on a last moment beauty and care routine. There are numerous way how you can jump-start your beauty regimen for the big day, and we’re proudly presenting you with the neat list for DIY home preparations. This list can teleport you from nervous and impatient to ready, steady and gorgeous in no time.

Skin section

  • Replenish your organism with ample amounts of water in the week prior to the ceremony. The body and skin will get cleansed of toxins and the results are a fresh, hydrated skin for a perfect bridal glow.
  • A quality mask that agrees with your skin type (normal, dry or oily) can do wonders if you apply it a few days before the wedding. Acne troubled skin is particularly in need of this treatment which will leave it properly moisturised and tight.
  • Exfoliation of the whole body and face is highly recommendable. It makes the even surface for the makeup application and gets rid of the dead cell “snowflakes”. I have read great reviews about a carbon black deep cleaning pore mask. The gel like structure that conforms to your skin and solidifies will extract dirt you never knew was there.
  • A swollen look of the eye area is sadly the reality of many women working late hours staring at the computer screen. To lessen the dark patches under your eyes or diminish the puffiness, take days off work before the important date. Next, employ a tried out gel or cream specially intended for this section. The ingredients to look out for are cucumber extract and chamomile, among others. You can also utilise a cooling mask the night before the wedding that will soothe the dermis and refresh your look.
  • If tanning is a regular task in your schedule, remember to protect your face with a covering. The rays can be damaging, real sun or not. Now, if you’re interested in less hazardous tanning technique, purchase a light formula tanning cream for the face, but don’t forget the body, if necessary. Bronzer is welcome as well.

Hair section

  • Steer clear of last moment highlights or colouring. Also, cutting your hair several days prior is not the best decision. This way you can avoid catastrophic mishaps, frustration and dissatisfaction buildup. Since wig is probably not an option, fix your hair in advance.
  • Swimming in the pool can be an enormously pleasurable and calming activity, just not after you’ve visited the colourist until the day of the event. Chlorine has some powerful oxidising properties that can have negative effect on the cuticle and render brittle and dried out hair.
  • The heat you should be weary of in the period leading to the wedding is the high noon sunlight, irons and blowdryers. It can potentially fry your hair and give it a worn out broomstick-like look. Shelter your hair under a hat if you’re planning to stay outside for several hours or more. Also, specialized heat protection is advisable, and many shampoos and serums can accommodate your needs.
  • If you’re blessed with frizzy or curly hair, leave your head in the hands of professionals and do a thorough conditioning treatment. The outcome is vibrant, smooth and sleek hair that looks great on photos as well.

Feet section


  • Top tip: To avoid all day discomfort and ruin the beauty of your impeccable nourished face with expressions of pain, get an extra pair of wedding shoes online with modest or no heel. Of course, do a thorough exfoliation treatment followed by nurturing cream and a classic pedicure first. Now you’re ready!

You have probably prepared long and hard for this date beauty wise, but some last second pampering will give you an extra boost. Replenish and shine!


Written by Diana Smith

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