Hair For Sure Hair Tonic Review

There was a time when I had wonder woman hair – thick, long, and strong.  Then I had kids and I turned into a professionally certified worrywart with thin, fragile hair. And while, I take good care of myself and have never had much of weight and skincare issues, I have always faced problems with my hair.

And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably already know that I am extremely picky about my hair. It’s hard to manage them and once they get into the shedding mode it’s almost impossible to stop them!

I had been lucky enough to enjoy fuss-free hair all through the nine months of my pregnancy but soon after my baby girl was born, I ran out of luck again. I only had to touch my hair and bunches of them would come out from the root.

And before I could figure out a reason, there were my hairs everywhere – on the pillow, in the sink, on the floor, in the comb and even wrapped around my baby’s little fingers.  In my frantic efforts to prevent a doomsday hair scenario, I tried everything – treatments, supplements, hair oils and products. But nothing helped.

The shedding was so bad that I wouldn’t have been surprised waking up bald one day. Then one fine day, I saw an ad for Hair For Sure, hair tonic by Athena Life sciences on TV. The ad sounded convincing and I bought the product in desperation.

Hair-for-sure tonic review

It’s been over 10 days I’m using the tonic regularly and the verdict is out for you all.

Review of Hair for Sure Tonic for Hair Loss

Before I head on to the product and its review, here is something you should know about hair loss, its types and causes. Now about the product –

Brand Claims:

Hair For Sure is a clinically proven formula to help accelerate hair growth. As the first brand approved by the World Medical Trichologists Association (WMTA), the formula features the breakthrough Rutexil Growth Complex, a broad spectrum of compounds for the treatment of follicular dysfunction more effectively, stop hair loss and begin hair regrowth.

Hair For Sure Hair Tonic ReviewHow it Works:

The formula works by a 4 step approach to treat hair loss and start hair growth:

  • By stimulating growth

Active agents along with fusions of Vitamin B3, and Pro Vitamin B5 reactivate hair follicles, stimulate growth and improve hair health.

  • By prolonging Anagen phase of hair

Off patent, proven agents in Rutexil oppose perifollicular fibrosis and prolong Anagen phase of hair by preventing rigidification of collagen.

  • By reducing oxidative stress

Includes powerful antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress, detoxifies free radicals.

  • By calming inflamed tissues

Active molecules in Rutexil calm inflamed tissues and itching caused by DHT sensitivity, critical in treating hair loss.

How to Apply:

Apply 4 to 8 ml of the hair tonic twice daily by aiming the nozzle directly on the scalp. Gently rub the liquid evenly on the entire scalp, do not massage. Allow to dry briefly and then comb hair. Style as usual.

For more information on the product, click here.

My Experience with Hair For Sure Tonic

Hair For Sure Hair Tonic ReviewPackaging:

The hair tonic comes in a semi-transparent white plastic bottle with a silver screw cap. The bottle has a nozzle tip for ease and convenience of application.

Texture & Scent:

Hair For Sure hair tonic is clear light weight water like liquid with a strong scent. The fragrance is cooling and refreshing. Upon application it gives a mild tingling and soothing sensation to the scalp. The product gets absorbed pretty quickly without leaving any greasiness or build-up.

Efficacy & Performance:

I started with using 4 ml of the product once daily in the night thinking that if it can’t stop hair loss at least it couldn’t take the condition of my hair from bad to worse. But to my utter surprise and amazement, it actually worked!

On the first day of applying the tonic, I experienced massive hair fall. Hair came out in big lumps and bunches. However, on the second day, the hair fall was normal as I was already experiencing before using the product. But on the third day, I witnessed a dramatic reduction in hair fall which continued until fourth, fifth, and sixth day.

After one full week, I noticed that my hair loss was not even slowed down but my hair felt thicker and shinier than before. It’s been more than 10 days, I’m using the product regularly and I can say with conviction that my hair loss has almost stopped with only a couple of strands coming out in comb and a few in falling in sink when I wash them.

As far as beginning hair regrowth is concerned, I feel for sure that even regrowth can be achieved if I continue to use the tonic for a month or two. To pass effective and reliable verdict on the product, I did not use any other hair loss product, shampoo, oil, or supplement while using Hair For Sure hair loss tonic.


  • Sturdy and convenient packaging
  • Comes with nozzle tip for ease of application
  • Gives soothing sensation to the scalp
  • Does not cause any irritation, greasiness or build-up
  • Pleasant cooling fragrance
  • Scientifically formulated and clinically proven hair loss product
  • Comes out fair on all its claims
  • Stops hair loss
  • Can regrow hair in most hair fall cases


Could not find any.

R2B Rating: 5/5

Overall Take:

Overall, I had a wonderful experience using Hair For Sure. I am amazed by the results. While I feel it’s slightly expensive at INR 800 but given the fact we wear our hair every day spending a bit more on products that work well for our hair is justified.

PS and Disclaimer: The review above is purely based upon my personal experience. Like most women, I suffered from hormonal hair fall after child birth and this product, Hair for Sure helped in restoring normalcy to my scalp faster than any vitamins or other usually suggested home remedies in such cases. 

If you are experiencing hair fall due to some extreme underlying medical condition like male/female pattern baldness, alopecia areata etc., it is better to consult with a doctor or specialist than waste your time and money on OTC products that more often than not do not work in such cases.

I can understand receding hairline, hair loss, and hair thinning etc. is stuff that nightmares are made of for any man or woman but hair loss is no more the end of the world especially in today’s time when there are so many cutting edge technologies, treatments, products and specialized hair clinics like Los Angeles Hair Clinic that provide promising results to their patients.

Once the underlying cause is diagnosed or determined, treatment becomes easy. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!

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Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Radha at Reply

    How come you suggest so sooner in 10days you got hair thicker is this not fake message you conveying to public

    • Hi Radha. You have raised a good point. I know it sounds improbable to read that the product made my hair thicker in just 10 days. Even though, this sounds too good to be true but this is my genuine experience with the product. The product has stopped my hair fall and I have stopped using the product except for occasional instances when I see a little more than normal hair in my drain.
      I really can’t say if it’s psychological or actual but my hair do look and feel thicker whenever I use this product. And I’m not suggesting that the product made my hair thicker in 10 days, I’m just telling my readers what I have felt and experienced with the product.
      The review and recommendation is based on my personal experience with the product. And just like in skincare, in hair care too what might work for one may not work for everyone and vice versa. So one needs to use one’s own discretion when using or buying a product. Thanks for raising your doubt and I hope this answers your query. Stay in touch and have a nice day!

    • Bharat at Reply

      She is just marketing the product the review looks and sounds scripted.
      I would still do some research before buying

    • shiv babbar at Reply

      Hair for sure is just wastage of time… ..No to hair for sure. I have used hair for sure continuously for four months. No result of hair for sure. It is just waste of money and time.

  2. Andrew lama at Reply

    I am using hair for sure.It’s been around one question is can we wash our hair daily.

    • Yes, you can wash your hair daily. But make sure you use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair.

  3. Bobby at Reply

    can I use oil by applying hair for sure?

    • Well, I would suggest you use the product alone to experience its effectiveness. However, you may oil your hair few hours before washing.

  4. Savita Kurhe at Reply

    If hair for sure doesn’t work,for me then may I get money back?

    • Hi Savita. Since I’m not connected with the brand and just a normal user of the product I’m not the right person to comment. For money back query I would suggest you to get in touch with the brand directly.

  5. Ajay 4aj at Reply

    Is it possible the regrowth of hairs on bald area if possible then suggest ne

  6. mani at Reply

    How to use hair sure oil which shampoo is applying in hair please explain

  7. Satyam Sharma at Reply

    i am a 23 year old boy suffering from serious hair fall and baldness
    should i try this product , will it be useful for me.
    can i get contact number on any one who has use this product, so that i may get to know more about the end result of this product

    Thanks and regards
    Satyam Sharma

    • Hi Satyam. Sometimes hair-fall is a result of some underlying medical issue. So for serious hair-fall and baldness concern I would suggest you to consult your dermatologist.

  8. Priyanka pawar at Reply

    I m 21yr girl I m suffering from a sever hairfall can hair for sure can help me for regrowth of my hair n make thicker

    • Yes, you can use Hair for Sure to control hair fall. But in the meanwhile, also check with your doctor for some deficiency or other body condition.

  9. Priyanka pawar at Reply

    Is their any side effect after using this product ?this product can work . I can’t take any risk about hair plz tell me mam . Plz tell me a detail about this product plz

  10. Ajay at Reply

    Can I use it after total trim my fair

  11. Sachin Lohia at Reply

    Hii m aapse ye puchna chahta hu ki kya is se use kaene se nye baal aa skte h or haa to plzz mujhe btaiyega meri mail pe meri mail h ( ok thnks plzz reply fast

    • Not sure on hair growth with this product. Depends on individual to individual. Best is to contact dermatologist in this case.

      • simon at Reply

        hi I am simon my age28. hi anshulika tel me which shampoo use I use so many shampoo which s best pls tel me ,hair for sure hair fall no STP front side baldness r increased pls tel me ths product r woking r nt ,itching problem and hair thin also pls tel me which shampoo best.

  12. Vinny at Reply

    This hair for sure is massive, incredible , i must say worth of your money. Try it.

  13. jay at Reply

    i am 35 years old Male
    last 2 years i m suffering from serious hair fall . Is Hair for sure is right solution for me or i can consult any doctor ?

    • Hi Jay. Serious hair fall can be due some medical or hormonal issue. It’s better to consult a doctor for proper diagnose.

  14. Brunie at Reply

    Dear Anshulika, it’s about more than 4 months do you still use the product? If yes, what is your review about it till date?? Cause hair fall seems to be a pretty big issue with me as well…

    • Thanks for stopping by Brunie. I used the product for a month and then stopped. I’m no longer using the product and my hair-fall is fairly normal (50-100 strands a day). However, whenever I feel my hair-fall is getting a bit more than normal, I use the product for a few days to a week until it gets back to normal. Hope this helps.


  15. simon at Reply

    hi iam simon my for sure, how many day fr use when new hair grow tel me my head front side total baldness pls tel me

    • Hi Simon. I would suggest you to seek medical advice in your case. Consult your doctor or dermatologist for best solution to your problem.

  16. Ashish at Reply

    hi ,
    I’m just 23 years old and I’m suffering for baldness.i think it is a hereditary problem which is going for long time before. I have loss my hair from from front will this product will work

    • Hi Ashish. If you feel you’re suffering from premature baldness, it’s always suggested to seek medical advice for this issue. A qualified doctor can suggest the best options for your case. Wish you all the best!

  17. Manish Muchhadia at Reply

    Hi Anshulika I am 32 Years Man Suffering from baldness
    Recently I have checked All the Reviews of Products Hair for sure & Livon Hair Gain Tonic but I have checked that In livon Hair gain tonic there are so many negative Reviews
    & In This Product only One (You) are giving Answers And All Positive Answer.
    Although I Am taking Treatment for one of most popular Dermatologist but Different Dermatologist Give us Different Tonic based on Their Commissions.
    So How Can We Choose best Tonic for our Hair?

    • Hi Manish. There’s no ‘best’ tonic or best product for anything in the world. What works for you, may not work for other people and what works for other people, may not work for you. Picking the ‘best’ solution depends on a number of different variables. Since, market is full of products all claiming to be the ‘best’ ones, confusion is bound to come. I would suggest you to put your faith in your dermatologist and trust the product he/she has recommended to you. I’m telling this from experience, actually it’s our own faith that makes something work for us or not. All the best and keep us posted of your progress!

  18. Ashok Kumar at Reply

    I am 19 years old boy and I have lost 65% of my hair will this work forme

    • Hi Ashok; If you feel you’re suffering from premature baldness, it’s always suggested to seek medical advice for this issue. A qualified doctor can suggest the best options for your case. Wish you all the best!

  19. Harsh Khurana at Reply

    I am a 16 yr old guy… I am suffering from genetic hair fall since the last 2 years…
    I am undergoing treatment from Dr Batras too, but I’ve already lost many of my hairs, destiny has reduced drastically. Should I try hair for sure? Will it work for me?

    • Hi Harsh. I would suggest you to seek consultation from a good dermatologist for your concern. Sometimes the problem isn’t as serious or deep as portrayed by commercial clinics. I’m telling this from my personal experience of visiting one such trichology center. I was told to be suffering from female pattern androgenic hair-fall and that I would never be able to regain lost hair and continue to lose hair if I stopped taking their treatment or using their supplements and other products. However, a visit to a dermatologist relieved all my hair-loss stress! She found my follicles to be still intact and my hair loss to be only a result of stress and iron deficiency! I visited this trichology center, when I was 26, I am 35 now and as per them, I should have been half-bald now! I’m happy to state, I’m enjoying a head of full, thick hair, I do experience hair-fall from time to time, which sometimes get addressed by taking multi-vit supplements, sometimes by simply changing my shampoo or using home-made nourishing packs, sometimes by using tonics like hair for sure but sometimes on its own, when I just stop thinking about it! So take a chill pill, visit a dermatologist or a doctor and then leave everything up to him/her!

  20. shiv babbar at Reply

    No No No ..No to hair for sure. I have used hair for sure continuously for four months. No result of hair for sure. It is just waste of money and time.

  21. tamil at Reply

    im just aged 17 i got heavy hairloss due to using in matched hair oil and I got front head I’m using this still 2 months there’s no improvement.please answer me

  22. PRAVEENKUMAR at Reply

    Hi Guys,

    Me and My brother both having hair fall issue and we both started using this product since more than two months but we couldn’t see any result. So I thought to switch livon hair gain. It’s almost a month my hair fall reduced drastically and I can notice new hair growth.. but my brother don’t see any changes I think these products works person to person

  23. Sonu mewada at Reply

    Mem isko kitne use krna chaiye or use kese kre night ya morning

    • You should use it for night time only. And for qty; you can refer to post details.

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