We all have a celebrity on the inside, waiting to pop and blind everyone with its charm, royal ways and power. However, not all of us live to actually walk the red carpet anywhere but in our living rooms or while walking down the altar.

Speaking of altars, aren’t you getting married? You are! This means just one thing – this is your time to shine! If you feel like this is your time for the paparazzi to strike (i.e. wedding photographers) and for you and your hubby to grab headlines (i.e. everyone will be talking about you on your wedding day), then let’s make a plan together and figure out a way to channel your celebrity-inspired wedding!

p1These tips will save you:

  1. Be realistic

No matter how much you want to pull off a Kimye wedding and fly all of your friends from The States to France, then Italy – it simply won’t happen, and that’s okay.

The extravagant lifestyles celebrities lead aren’t due their ability to do it better than you. They are due to the fact they have more money than you do.

So, before you start crying over the fact you can’t have your guests’ names engraved in two thousand year old marble tables, pull yourself together, set a budget, a time frame and make a guest list of people you want there, not those who should be there. After all, celebs never care for “the more the merrier”. Lately, they’ve all turned to “the real friends” mantra and so should you!

  1. Have your own fairytale

And while you are given the option to go with any sort of theme wedding you like, the best thing to do is be personal about your wedding day, without copying anyone. Sure, you can “steal” a few celebrity ideas but don’t turn it into a copycat adventure.

You want your day to be YOUR day, significant to you and your loved one.p2

  1. The venue

If you are looking to make an impression, then choosing the right venue is everything.

Going for romantic? A bohemian rhapsody, outdoors-under-the-stars wedding is always an option. If you live by the beach or somewhere green, setting your wedding there is also an option. Go for an all-white-laced wedding, topped with white invitations, a white dress code and (fake) golden details. No, you won’t melt in with the rest. You are the bride! Rent out a white limousine to drive you to the reception or ride on a white horse with your hubby. Talk about glitz, glam and exaggeration!

Going for rich and luxurious? Renting out a castle from baroque period will make this possible! Baroque architecture is known for over the top, luxurious details that leave you in awe.

If you rent out such a castle, you won’t have to spend money on additional decorations – the castle itself is not only pompous but it is a decoration in itself. Rent out a carriage to take you to the wedding. You will sure feel like a princess and a celebrity!p3

  1. Leave your guests speechless

It is such a celebrity thing to leave their guests speechless with a certain something they do. So, choose something unusual to do that everyone will talk about later. For instance, make a funny video of you and your hubby, tracing back to your first date up to the moment you got married. Recreate kisses, fights, awkward and fun moments and play the video sometime during the night.

Everyone will love it! Plus, you can do something thoughtful like preparing gifts for your bridesmaids – satin robes, albums with your photos together, handmade memory boxes of your friendship, or anything you think they would love.

In my long years of wedding planning, I’ve come to a conclusion that the best way to create a perfect wedding is to plan it with your heart. My dear bride, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!


Written by Cristina


  1. Love the post 😀 I wish mine turns out to be a fairytale too 😀

  2. Beautiful post…you have made it look so easy 🙂

  3. Manisha at Reply

    Ah I loved the words, I wish to have a fairytale like this too 🙂

  4. amazing post dear….


  5. Celeb weddings are soo from the fairy tales! This was a lovely round up from them all!

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  6. D’aww I loved this post, very beautifully written! I think every girl wants a fairy-tail wedding one day.

    xx – Naomi in Wonderland

  7. I wouldn’t want a celebrity wedding. Too much press and too many strangers there than can potentially ruin the intimacy and beauty of the moment. I’m getting married in August and we have about 100 guests, ceremony outside at a pond and wedding reception in a ‘castle’ (though it’s not REALLY a castle, it’s just called Castle Van Nieuwland).

    • Wish u luck for your marriage dear. And small gathering is always good. And lets you live the moment. Enjoy.

  8. mily at Reply

    perfect points..i would love to have a small wedding of close relatives….congratulations 🙂

  9. lovely post 🙂 loved it

  10. I love celebrity weddings especially Kate & Williams. Something so magical about it.

  11. Lily at Reply

    Aww I love the wedding dress. So beautiful!

  12. Nika at Reply

    Girls, you are so wonderful and awesome with your lovely comments! I hope you will like my next post we’re preparing for you! Stay tuned!

    Much love,
    Nika x

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